Asansol, the land of black diamond and the city of brotherhood, is the second biggest city in West Bengal. Located approximately 200 km from Kolkata, Asansol is the most populated city in West Bengal. It is also one of the busiest commercial centres in India. The city’s economy is primarily dependent on its coal industry, hence popularly known as the land of black diamond (coal). Additionally, steel and railways also account for the economic growth. ‘Asan’ refers to a species of tree that grows on the banks of River Damodar and ‘Sol’ means land. Thus, the name Asansol is a combination of the two terms. Asansol is located amidst rivers Ajay and Damodar. Moreover, it is ranked 11th among the fastest-growing cities in India and is well known for its religious spots, heritage temples, and scenic parks. Rapidly emerging as a modern city, Asansol is basically a mining and industrial town. People from different communities and religious faith reside in the city with utmost unity and joy. Bengali is the native language of the city, which is also the official language of the state. You can go to for more details about the city.

Hence, let us discuss some wonderful facts about the city which makes it worth visiting on your next vacation.

Love for art and culture:

The people of Asansol have a deep regard and love for music, dance and other forms of performing arts. It is a hub for cultural enthusiasts as a lot of workshops and shows are organized in the city. This city also has a record for its contribution to the country’s art and entertainment industry. This includes celebrities like Bollywood actress - Sharmila Tagore, Bollywood actress and politician - Mrs. Moon Moon Sen, Indian fashion designer - Mrs. Agnimitra Paul, Indian fashion designer - Babul Supriyo, Indian professional golfer - Arjun Atwal and many others. Thus, Asansol is rich in terms of artistic pleasures and promotes the art, sports, talent, and entertainment business of the nation.


Like any other city in West Bengal, Asansol is also the city for food lovers. From authentic Bengali cuisines to cuisines like Chinese, South Indian, Italian and Continental, everything is available in the markets of the city. Royal Hotel, Park Café, Sudha Amrit, Chachi, Minar, and Durga Foods are some of the famous eateries in Asansol. Biryani of Royal Hotel and Faluda Kulfi of Ashok Chat is quite popular among the locals.


Asansol observes all important festivals celebrated in West Bengal with immense enthusiasm and sentiments. Naba Brasho, Charak Puja, Bera Utsav, Kali Puja include other major festivals of the city, apart from the most important celebration - Durga Pooja. Visiting Asansol during these festivities is a great way to enjoy the place in its full glory and form.


The history of Asansol is another interesting factor to visit it for. History and culture enthusiasts can have the best time in exploring the roots and birth of this city of brotherhood. During the British period, Asansol was referred to as Assen Sole. The initial settlement was formed by the Dravidians. It is home to various Jain temples, which hold a proof of lot of Jain activities almost two thousand five hundred years ago. It is believed that the last Tirthankara of the Jain religion, Mahavira Vardhamana, used to live over here. Thus, the town and district headquarters came to be known as Bardhhaman.

Great tourist attractions:

Apart from the above reasons, Asansol has some stunning places to explore. From traditional temples to modern day recreational parks, this place literally has something for every kind of tourist. There are multiplexes and water conservation dams as well. Asansol is a diverse tourist place for families, couples as well as best for educational tours too. Some of these attractions are Rabindra Bhawan, Satabdi Park, Nazrul Academy, the Kalyaneshwari Temple, Burnpur Riverside, the Jagannath temple, The Sacred Heart Church, etc. Let's get to know about some of these places in close detail.

The Kalyaneshwari Temple:

This temple is situated on the exact divisional line between West Bengal and Jharkhand. Thus, it can be easily accessed through national highways. The Maithon Dam and Kalyaneshwari Temple are located very close to each other. Just alongside the Barakar River, this temple is believed to be miraculous for infertile mothers.

Nehru Park:

This is another famous tourist spot in Asansol. Nehru Park is located beside the Damodar river and has a couple of lakes in its vicinity too. It is a picturesque garden with lush greenery all around. Nehru Park is a must-visit spot for all the visitors in Asansol.

The Sacred Heart Church:

Though West Bengal has higher percentage of Hindu population, the state and its cities including Asansol have people from all faiths and religious communities. Thus, The Sacred Heart Church is another popular tourist destination built by Christian devotees. For the recreation of the tourists, the church is surrounded by various shopping complexes. Since the materials used in its construction dates to British origin, it was initially built by Britishers and later on maintained by Christian devotees. It is one beautiful spot to not miss!

Satabdi Park:

Satabdi park is a hit recreational spot among children. This park has an amusement park as part of it which makes it perfect for a family outing on weekends. It has various entertainment facilities like rides and carousels for children, makeshift religious statues and structures for festival purposes and is located close to multiplexes, malls and shopping arenas for the enjoyment of adults. Satabdi park is well linked to main roads for easy accessibility.

Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple:

Promoted as a must-visit tourist attraction, this temple is built in pretty hues of white and orange. This temple is built on the Kali Pahadi in Asansol. The temple premises are home to various festivals, celebrations and carnivals all-round the year. This religious spot pays respects to Mother Ghagar, who was believed to be a reincarnation of Goddess Chandi. Thus, this place is a feel good and positive spot for peace seekers.

To conclude, Asansol is a city for all those tourists who are seeking some peace from their lifestyle. Though the city is exceedingly urban in its design and life, yet it has balanced it with the old ethos of the times with lots of temples and historical heritage sites. It has good roadways connectivity through national highways for easy to and fro inside the city.

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