Selenium is a compact structure for testing web applications. Selenium gives an apparatus for creating practical tests without the need to become familiar with a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It likewise gives a test space explicit language (Selenese) to compose tests in various prominent programming dialects, including C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala. The tests would then be able to keep running against most present-day internet browsers. Selenium sends on Windows, Linux, and macOS stages. It is open-source programming, discharged under the Apache 2.0 permit: web engineers can download and utilize it without charge.
You are now in this page means, you either plan to begin your profession in the IT field or you are planning to develop from being a manual tester to turning into an automation tester. In any case, you are at the correct page since your aim is to learn Selenium. I'm stating this since automation testing has surprised the world and industry is searching for selenium guaranteed experts; because of this, you can find much selenium training institute everywhere giving the best selenium training to fresher and professionals.
You may likewise need to know, how to begin your career as an automation test engineer, and if Selenium is the correct track to begin. So don't stress much and read the blog, where I have mentioned 10 persuading reasons why you need to learn Selenium in 2019.
Top 10 Reasons for Learning Selenium Testing:
1. Open source/Free apparatus
2. No OS/program requests
3. Backing for various programming dialects
4. Accessibility of Frameworks
5. Solid nearness in the DevOps lifecycle
6. Simple joining with different devices
7. Parallel and disseminated testing
8. No reliance on GUI based frameworks
9. Adaptability while structuring experiments
10. Interest for Selenium analyzers
Let’s get a clear understanding of each reason
1. Open Special Source/Free Tool
Selenium is an open source apparatus, which means anyone can utilize it for nothing. Any association can utilize Selenium to test their site or web application and even free software engineers can learn and rehearse robotization testing utilizing Selenium WebDriver.
The issue with other testing instruments is that they are either authorized apparatuses or their usefulness isn't tantamount to Selenium. HP's QTP, IBM's RFT, TestComplete, Ranorex are for the most part restrictive (authorized) instruments. Highlight savvy, Selenium is the unmistakable victor when contrasted with the others, no misgivings!
2. No Special OS/Browser/Hardware Demands
This is another advantage that you get with Selenium. You needn't bother with a framework with 16gb RAM or high HDD. Neither do you have to house a WindowsOS or MacOS or LinuxOS. The OS you use for home design is adequate for Selenium testing.
Above all, you can test the site on any program, be it Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer or even Opera besides truth. The straightforwardness expected to work with Selenium can be identified with the fact that it is so natural to module USB drives to your framework for moving information.
3. Various Programming Language Support
This must be the absolute most significant factor for any software engineer to get into the Automation Testing area. Most instruments in the market need you to be had some expertise in one specific programming language. Dialects, for example, VBScript, Java, C# are among the normal scripting dialects required by different instruments.
In any case, with Selenium, you won't confront such a large number of confinements. Regardless of whether you are gifted in one of these dialects, you can begin your vocation: Java or Python or Perl or PHP or Ruby or C# or .Net.
4. Accessibility of Frameworks
Frameworks are fundamentally the same as formats. You can make a slight adjustment to the code according to your prerequisite for various conditions, rather than rolling out discount improvements. There are different structures like:
• Information-driven testing
• Catchphrase driven testing
• Half and a half testing
• Module driven testing and some more.
5. Solid nearness in the DevOps lifecycle
Selenium frames a fundamental piece of the DevOps lifecycle on the grounds that most organizations are presently supplanting Agile or Waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach. Not many testing apparatuses qualify as a DevOps instrument in light of the fact that DevOps accentuates on utilizing open source devices.
Additionally, in light of the fact that the majority of the product items grew these days are conveyed on the cloud, electronic testing instruments are the ones that are broadly utilized; this is the place Selenium fits impeccably.
6. Simple Integration With Other Tools
Selenium can be effectively incorporated with other open source devices. Since a large portion of the instruments utilized in DevOps or generally are valuable and open source, those apparatuses have a ton of takers. Furthermore, when these instruments are incorporated with Selenium, we can accomplish robotization (Continuous testing in DevOps). A portion of those instruments is Jenkins, TestNG, Maven, JUnit, Sikuli and AutoIT.
7. Parallel and Distributed Testing
Numerous Selenium tests cases can be executed in parallel on a similar machine or on remote machines. Selenium Grid is utilized for executing the experiments on remote machines. By performing parallel and disseminated testing, you spare time to run tests, execute the tests in a similar machine, or you can execute the tests on web servers.
Also, in the event that you are not intrigued to set Selenium Grid in your frameworks, you can utilize online Selenium Grids, for example, LambdaTest which encourages access to in excess of 2000 program conditions over which you can run your tests and genuinely computerize cross-program testing
This ought to be a significant factor in impacting you to learn Selenium on the grounds that with different instruments, you will miss the advantage of parallel and circulated testing because of framework overhead (execution) or absence of usefulness. In the business, it is important to execute the tests rapidly and proficiently.
8. No Dependency on GUI Based Systems
Since Selenium tests can be executed without a GUI, the tests can be completed on web servers and computerization can be accomplished by planning its execution by incorporating it with different instruments. No GUI, additionally implies the presentation of your machines will radically improve.
9. Adaptability While Designing Test Cases
For planning experiments in Selenium, you have the adaptability to structure it either by means of programming rationale or by record and playback approach. In the event that you don't have the specialized information to content WebDriver code, you can utilize IDE to record your tests and fare the programming rationale to an identical programming language of your decision.
Selenium WebDriver can be utilized to compose your rationale utilizing programming dialects (which happens more often than not) or you can utilize Selenium IDE to record your tests and fare it later into a programming language of your decision to execute as a WebDriver test.
10. Expanding Demand For Selenium Testers
Last however not the least, Selenium analyzers have plenty of takers in the market. Since Selenium's utilization is developing reliably, even the interest for Selenium analyzers is developing proportionately. Investigate the beneath charts to comprehend what is their interest and the amount Selenium analyzers get paid on a normal.
Along these lines, that finishes this blog on the Top 10 Reasons to Learn Selenium. I trust these reasons sound good to you and pass on the significance to learn Selenium.
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