The year 2018 for the Punjabi music industry is extremely explosive. Keeping the last year's success, this year also came hit songs such as Hummer which is yet to leave the spotlight. Even many of the songs of Guru Randhawa were included in Bollywood films and those songs also sounded great.

A genre of Punjabi music which is gaining popularity both at home is the Bhangra music. It is a vibrant folk music and folk dance that started in Punjab. It is the type of music that is more popular during harvests. With Bhangra, people sing songs of Punjabi dialect and a person plays drums in the circle of lungis and turbans. While Bhangra started as a festival for harvesting, later, it became part of the marriage and New Year celebrations. During the last 30 years, the popularity of the Bhangra has increased worldwide. The dance performed by women in Punjab is called Gidda. This is a pleasant dance, in which bids are sung in a sphere and rhythms are played. Two participants come out of the circle and narrate the voice in a surrender and act as they sing in the rest of the group. This recurrence is 3-4 times. Each time, there is another group, which starts with a new quote. Apart from this, there are many other types of dance and art, such as the chandelier, Luddi, Julie, Dankara, Dhamal, Sami, Kikli, and Gatka.

In general, Punjabi music is managing to gain more popularity, which is why we have gone all out to see how it is faring. For the year 2018, grab a seat and see which were the top 10 songs of the year and who wears the number 1 crown. You can watch and download these songs from YouTube and each is also great as a punjabi song status .

#10. Daru Band

Artist: Mankirt Aulakh
YouTube Views: 82,551,230

#9. Yeah Baby Refix

Artist: Gary Sandhu
YouTube Views: 92,672,894

#8. Teeje Week

Artist: Jordan Sandhu
YouTube Views: 123,655,986

#6. Trending Nakhra

Artist: Amrit Mann
YouTube Views: 141,391,482

#7. Expert Jatt

Artist: Nawab
YouTube Views: 150,315,473

#5. Ishare Tere

Artist: Guru Randhawa
YouTube Views: 190 million

#4. Diamond

Artist: Gurnam Bhullar
YouTube Views: 237,779,407

#3. Made In India

Artist: Guru Randhawa
YouTube Views: 284,720,553

#2. High Rated Gabru

Artist: Guru Randhawa
YouTube views: 425+ million

#1. Lahore

Artist: Guru Randhawa
YouTube views: 530+ million

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