"I had a good day today" - We all can wonder how difficult this statement could be. No matter how hard we try, sometimes a day gets ruined by a small fishy argument also and when it's about surviving hostel life, there are a lot of things to turn a happy and good day into a disaster. Rude hostel warden, Judgemental security guard, Snoring roommates, Long queues for food, etc are just some examples of the mood. spoilers. Though surviving in a hostel is tough but a few management works wonder to completely avoid these mess and survive a better life in hostels in Patna. Here are 10 such points that will help boys and girls survive a better life in hostels in Patna.

1. Waking up early- A tip that we have been hearing since childhood but Seldom followed works as a miracle in hostels. In this era of night owls, an early bird can survive a hostel life much smoother than the rest. When you wake up early in a hostel the best benefit that you'll get is a vacant washroom. You'll get a vacant, clean washroom with no one banging on the doors forcing you to open up fast. You can have your most important moment of the day without any disturbance as by the time people wake up, you'll be ready for your breakfast.

2. A disciplined routine- There are no counts on how many times we make routines in our life but never follow. Just like a rule is made to be broken, a routine is made not to be followed but following a certain routine in a disciplined approach makes life better in a hostel in Patna. In all the hostels in Patna, meals are always served at a mentioned time. Following that time and routine is something that will make you a star with a lot of time-saving and also protect you from long queues.

3. Cordial relationship with the warden and other hostelers- Maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone is never that bad at times but when it comes to surviving the hostel life, it will save your day. Having a cordial relation with your warden allows you to grab some of the exclusive benefits of a particular hostel in Patna. Talking about some of them includes getting the best rooms of that particular hostel in Patna.

4. Eye masks and earplugs - Well, If you really want to survive your hostel life peacefully these two are your best friends then. So, you haven't got it, grab your pair ASAP. Maximum hostels here in Patna are not providing single rooms and if they do, everyone can't afford it. To survive with a roommate whom you don't know yet might result in a nightmare if you don't know the word- ADJUSTMENT. You don't know whether your roommate will snore or not. You don't know whether your roommate will switch off the lights at your bedtime or not. So, for the precautions and to avoid conflict over these silly things, take your eye masks and earplugs with you.

5. List down these essentials- Once you start living in a hostel, you better know what are your requirements but there is a list of stuff that you should always take with you when you are moving in a hostel in Patna and we are jotting down them to make it easier for you. List down these and you'll thank us later:

1. A bucket and a mug pair
2. A set of plates, bowl, spoon, and containers, and a knife
3. Dishwasher
4. A table light or a torch
5. Some snacks to munch on
6. Clothespins
7. A boiling kettle

6. Avoid Conflicts- Conflicts with some of the rude, weird, and unlikely mindset can happen anytime anywhere but if it is a hostel, conflicts somehow get attached to it. Conflicts for washrooms, drying clothes, queues, etc are a few examples. Conflicts are never healthy for anyone at any place and so it is important to avoid such conflicts in hostels to make a student's survival calm and peaceful in Patna.

7. A graceful ‘NO’ to unwanteds- When you are at home, Parents or guardians are there to tell you the things to avoid and set certain restrictions but when you are in a hostel, there is no one. So, to live a better hostel life, you should keep your eyes and ears open to the wanted and unwanted things that can come to you. You should learn to differentiate between what is right and wrong for you and your career and focus on what you have come for. So, it is important to learn to say a graceful "NO" to the things that can harm you or can cause you trouble later.

8. Preventing the "POCKET MONEY CRUNCH" - Talking about the money, I recall a nice quote from Warren Buffet which says, 'Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving'. This can be your go-to move for being a money person always and when it comes to surviving a hostel in Patna, it works wonders. Money is the necessity of living and there is no point in living without it. Efficient money management is what can help you survive the best life in hostels in Patna. Proper money management can help you in leading a great life without facing hard times in hostels in Patna and thus it's important to be aware of each penny you spend as it will make you a responsible person.

9. Learn Something New 'Out Of The League'- Learning is never bad no matter what you learn. Learning something new always boosts up confidence and makes you a better person and to learn something while living in a hostel is always better as you get to do something while getting bored. When you live at home, you have a lot of things to do, a lot of people to talk to but surviving the free time at hostels can be boring sometimes. Getting that time utilized is what makes a smart move though. Learning something new, it can be a new language, a new skill, getting enrolled in some trending courses, or learning a musical instrument you always wanted to play. Go for it as this is your ' ME-TIME' and you can make the best out of it.

10. Give yourself a ‘MOTIVATION CHECK’ time to time- Feeling sad, anxious, and unmotivated sometimes is very common in surviving a hostel life in Patna. Training the mind to not see the bad part is what can be your anti-anxiety. Certain things in life keep us motivated when we feel disheartened. Keep your focus on those things and keep going. Avoiding issues like complaining about the food, roommates' discussion ones, small conflicts with someone can save your day without causing you trouble and will keep your mind focused on your big dream.

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