A career in Salesforce is a great opportunity to achieve professional and financial fulfillment, being part of one of the most dynamic job markets and tight-knit professional community.
At the same time, Salesforce provides advanced CRM solutions to all sorts of businesses, which allow them to improve their performance, leaving competitors far behind. No wonder professional Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers are so highly-demanded today!
Salesforce is also one of those careers where proper training and especially Certification is not just a formality. It is a guarantee for an employer that they hire a qualified and skilled professional who will help them get the most out of the benefits Salesforce has to offer.
At the same time, it is a great opportunity for Salesforce professionals to exhibit their skills, knowledge, and dedication to the advanced CRM platform and stay updated about all the recent developments and opportunities it has to offer.
In other words, Salesforce certification is one of the most essential and desired milestones for any Salesforce developer and Salesforce admin.
The process and principles of Salesforce Certification have evolved greatly during the past several years. All those changes are aimed at allowing Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers to stay updated and get a grip on the platform`s dynamics and ensure their employers can be sure about their teams` ability to perform at the highest level.
The recent 2022 Salesforce certification updates have mainly touched the Salesforce Developer Certifications, aka. DEV 401 and DEV 501 Certification process. Let`s see what exactly has changed and what are the goals of the recent updates.

Salesforce Certification has changed. Here is what you need to know.
Salesforce developers are highly-demanded and top-paid professionals in India and worldwide. To become a Salesforce developer, one needs to have a certain knowledge of coding languages and experience with app development, coding, etc.
Until now, the Salesforce certification for developers has been divided into two main parts or stages: DEV 401 and DEV 501. The certifications could be received at any moment of the developer`s career, right upon the end of studies in a Salesforce training institute or later on. Just like any other, Salesforce developer certification should be maintained and updated once in several months to make sure that the professional keeps up with the latest trends and introductions of the Salesforce platform.
The DEV401 Certification is a fundamental certification procedure for Salesforce developers, while the DEV501 Certificate is a more advanced form of Certification. As straightforward as it is, this certification system had some severe logistics challenges that made it less efficient, preventing thousands of talented Salesforce Developers in India and worldwide from getting their desired professional status.
The DEV501 Certification could only be helped up to 4 times per year and for a restricted amount of aspirants as it included some manual processing and evaluation system.
The new update divides Salesforce certification for Developers into 2 stages:
Declarative Salesforce Developer Certification
Programmatic Salesforce Developer Certification
At the same time, the Programmatic Salesforce Developer Certification has 2 subcategories:
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
The first one is a multiple-choice exam that tests the ability of a professional to develop interfaces and custom business logic by extending the Salesforce platform through VisualForce and Apex. A Salesforce developer with at least 6 months of experience can take this exam.
The second level is a multiple-choice exam and a series of practical assignments that test the deeper, more advanced programming skills of the aspirant.
Those Salesforce developers who already have their DEV401 and DEV501 certifications can take the so-called transition exams to comply with their current qualifications with the updated demands and maintain the Certification in the future.

Top 10 Salesforce training institutes that will help to nail the updated Salesforce Certification process.
There is no lack of online Salesforce training courses today. However, it is essential to choose the one that is your current condition and expectations entirely, get to the bottom of the updates, and comply with them.

Trailhead is another name that often comes to mind when we talk about Salesforce online training. Famous for its user-friendly interface and the Trailblazer professional community, this platform is meant for practicing Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers who want to revamp their skill and presentation and get a grip on the latest trends and updates of the Salesforce platform.

This platform is an internationally-known go-to place to learn anything online. You can also find here Salesforce training courses that start at around $20 and promise to provide you the comprehensive knowledge about Salesforce CRM in general, the principles and nature of the key Salesforce professions, as well as an understanding of the Salesforce certification process.
It is a great first step for those who are exploring their opportunities in Salesforce and want to get a general grip on the online Salesforce training process as well as their perspectives in the industry.

CRS Info Solutions
One of the pioneers of Salesforce training in general, CRS Info Solutions is a Salesforce training institute that has always had a reputation as a job-oriented program where aspirants don`t only get the necessary knowledge but also prepare for the real-life Salesforce job market and professional environment.
CRS Info Solutions have a faculty of certified and practicing Salesforce professionals from all fields with over 12 years of experience. They keep their hand on all the most relevant updates in the Salesforce training and certification system and develop an exclusive training program for their aspirants.
Through multiple Q&A sessions, mock exams, and interviews, complemented with practical assignments from real-life businesses, CRS Info Solutions prepare confident, job-ready Salesforce admins and Salesforce professionals highly valued in the modern job market.

This online training program offers a specific Salesforce certification class for the Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers who want to get their first Salesforce certification and maintain or update the existing certificates.
Built as an online Bootcamp program, this Salesforce training course is focused on the latest updates in the certification process and helps to align your current knowledge and skills with the relevant demands.

This online Salesforce training program is aimed at a very wide auditorium, from those who are only making their first steps in Salesforce to seasoned professionals who are looking for growth and development in their fields.
Except for the basic Salesforce training, Janbask offers online corporate programs aimed at businesses that want their whole teams to get familiar with Salesforce and align their knowledge with the recent updates.

Here you will find an immersive 30-hour online Salesforce training program for Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers.
The course is built with an emphasis on practical assignments and allows aspirants to thoroughly prepare for the Salesforce Admin (ADM 201) and Salesforce Developer (PD1) certifications.

This Salesforce training institute offers both in-class and online Salesforce training programs. The online form is a 36-hour course built out of a series of self-paced videos and instructor-led assignments.
The platforms give access to 24/7 live communication with the faculty and lifetime access to the study materials to help aspirants maintain their knowledge and Salesforce certifications.

The most popular professional social media in the world offers a series of online training materials for professionals of all fields, including Salesforce.
Regularly updated and complemented, those fundamental and advanced Salesforce training materials allow you to explore and boost up your Salesforce game, while the online certificates you receive and attach to your resume on the platform exhibit your current qualifications and ease up communication with prospective employers.

Another popular online training platform, Coursers, also offers online Salesforce training programs for Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers of all levels.
It is a great opportunity for entry-level professionals to discover and master fundamental knowledge and skills and a chance for practicing Salesforce experts to get a grip on the latest updates.

This platform offers both in-class and online Salesforce training classes, which can be instructor-led as well as entirely self-study format.
The courses are built in the most user-friendly manner, especially for working Salesforce professionals who may find it hard to commit to a strictly-schedules learning process.

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Salesforce certification is becoming a mandatory demand among the most prospective employers in India and worldwide. It is a great opportunity for any Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer to declare their qualifications and dedication and get the most out of the lucrative Salesforce job market.