Are you searching for a superlative mobile app development firm in the USA that can offer end-to-end development services? If so, then you’re in the right place. With the arrival of fast mobile internet, it’s quite common to see people browsing the web or accessing apps anywhere and everywhere. According to researchers, mobile web traffic experienced an indescribably high increment of 222% between 2013 and 2018. Such developers prompted business companies all over the world, regardless of their size and scale, to consider whether it’s worth investing in app creation or not. In reality, building an app will be nothing less than a boon for your business. However, you’re going to work with one of the top mobile app development companies for that purpose. Here is a list of the 10 best mobile application development agencies in the US to ease your task of choosing.

1.) Moon Technolabs: Moon Technolabs rightfully deserves to hold the first position on this list of the top mobile app development companies in America. The statistics of this company are immense, to say the least. They completed 1250+ projects for 650+ customers from 32+ industries over the last 11+ years. With 125+ staff members, they serve 72% of the entire world’s locations. You will find the office of Moon Technolabs in Chicago, Illinois.

2.) The Nine Hertz: If you’re looking for the next best mobile app development company, then The Nine Hertz should be your choice. They have been operating from Cincinnati, Ohio, since 2008. Around 200+ employees working with The Nine Hertz created over 1000 mobile and web apps for customers from all over the world. In reality, a few of those apps attained a spot among the top 10 most downloaded apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

3.) Swenson He: Just because an app development firm has hundreds of developers, doesn’t mean that it’s the best mobile app development company, and Swenson He proves it. It’s a full-service firm with less than 50 employees, but the company always manages to create custom mobile and web software solutions. Swenson He also offers product guidance, technical strategy implementation, and ongoing support for enterprises and funded startups. The office of the company is in Beverly Hills, California.

4.) Blue Whale Apps: Just like the previous company, Blue Whale Apps is another one of the best app development companies in the US with less than 50 employees. However, what it lacks in terms of workforce, it makes up in experience and expertise. Blue Whale Apps is one of those app development firms that help both startups and Fortune 500 companies. The company has its office in Herndon, Virginia, and it has been in this industry for the last 14 years.

5.) Impiger Technologies: Here’s one of the best app development companies located in Richardson, Texas, with 450+ professionals spread across the world. Apart from startups, Impiger Technologies is equally famous among Fortune 500 enterprises. This company has been in business for 16 years. During this time, the experts of this agency designed 500+ mobile apps, 350+ web portals, and 100+ automation or engagement solutions.

6.) STRV: While STRV doesn’t have too many laurels to boast of, it’s still worthy enough to be among the top app development companies in the USA. They have been helping business companies since 2004. With 200+ app development experts, they launch around 70+ digital products every year. If you go through Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you will run into 25+ apps created by STRV. The office of the company is in Venice, California.

7.) Red Foundry: If you visit the office of the first company on this list in Chicago, Illinois, then you should also consider knocking at the door of Red Foundry. It’s one of the top app development companies in the US that you’ll find in Chicago, other than Moon Technolabs. Red Foundry has less than 50 app development experts, but they have 11+ years of experience in the field. Whether you need something for iOS or Android, this company can offer beautiful, unique, intuitive, and relevant digital products.

8.) ChopDawg: ChopDawg has been one of the best mobile application development companies since 2009. The experts working with this company created and aided in the launching of 350+ next generation apps for startups, first-time entrepreneurs, growing business companies, and non-profit organizations all over the world. You should look for the office of ChopDawg in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

9.) The BHW Group: A list of the top application development companies in America should have a spot for The BHW Group based in Austin, Texas. Over the years, the company served 75 clients by creating 375 web and mobile apps. The BHW Group even won awards and accolades for their work. For instance, they were the finalist in the 2015 SXSW Innovation Awards, first place winner in 2014 National Association of Government Communications, and 2017 Golden Stevie.

10.) Cubix: Founded in 2008, it’s one of the top application development companies based in West Palm Beach, Florida. With more than 200 employees, they have been providing app development services, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile solutions, and business intelligence analytics.

To conclude

You can put your faith in this list because every company mentioned here is the best in the field of app development. The first one is, of course, an all-rounder agency that can cater to all your requirements. Nevertheless, you may consider gathering more information on the best mobile application development companies before making a decision.

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