‘Management Skills’ is something we have all heard in the Abstract. Simply put, they are a collection of Attributes that enable an individual to fulfill specific tasks in an Organization and effectively Administer people to Maximize Productivity. It is important to understand the difference between Talent and Skill. Talent is natural and personal; Skills can be acquired by Training and Practice.

These skills help a Manager relate better with Co-workers and know how to deal well with Subordinates. This allows for the easy flow of activities in the Organization. Good Management Skills are vital for any Organization to succeed and achieve its Goals and Objectives with fewer hurdles and objections from Internal and External sources.

According to Robert Katz, there are 3 types of Managerial skills- Technical, Conceptual and Human.

Technical- these include Ability and Knowledge to use a variety of techniques to achieve their objectives. These not only involve operating Machines and Software but also skills needed to Boost sales, Design different types of products and services, and Market them.

Conceptual- Abstract thinking and Formulating ideas. Being able to see the Bigger picture, Analyzing and Diagnosing a problem and being able to find a creative Solution. This also helps in predicting hurdles in the Department or Organization as a whole.

Human- Interpersonal skills enable an individual to relate, work and interact with others effectively. As a result, they are able to tap human potential and motivate employees for maximum productivity.

Interestingly, the Degree of these Skills required at different levels of Management varies. The importance of Technical Skills diminishes as we go up the ladder and that of Conceptual Skills rises. Human skills on the other hand remain consistent throughout First line, Middle and Top Management.

As we achieve Milestones in Artificial Intelligence, many jobs in several industries will be redefined by Technology. This means Soft Skills will take center stage as they are exclusively Human.

Here are top 10 Management Skills for the Modern Workforce-
Communication- this is one of the most important skills for Managers. Not being able to Communicate effectively can be detrimental, not only to you but to your Employees as well. Being the Middle man between Employees and Superiors, a Manager’s communication skills ought to be impeccable.

Empathy- there will be missed targets and deadlines and hiccups in Professional relationships. In order to deal with such situations, the ability to Understand others’ point of view and Analyze from a different perspective are crucial to Manage a Team.

Motivation- boosting a team’s moral and encouraging them is a Manager’s responsibility. It goes a long way in Employee retention and Productivity. In order to do so, self — motivation is a prerequisite.

Problem solving- Hardships and hurdles are inevitable. The ability to Predict, Identify, Face and tackle problems is the mark of an Effective Manager.

Innovation- Dealing with problems isn’t enough; doing so Creatively is what sets one aside. Being ahead of the Curve and Innovating will ensure an Organization remains at the forefront of their industry.

Goal setting- Setting goals is the first step in turning the Invisible into the Visible. This is done by planning ahead and giving a direction to one’s Team by setting Precise, Measurable and Achievable goals.

Time management- It is a misconception that Time is the only resource which is free. As a matter of fact, it is the most expensive one because you Pay for it after you Spend it. Being able to manage time well Results in accomplishing Goals with a better success rate.

Proactive- Being able to envision the Future and prepare for it is a highly desirable Managerial Skill. This trait ensures Better Results, Higher Customer Satisfaction, and Increased Customer Loyalty.

Feedback- Giving and Receiving Feedback is an art. It is a crucial part of Communication, and is necessary for Transparency and Efficiency within a team.

Leadership- Leadership and Managerial skills are closely linked. Almost always, a Manager is a Good Leader and a Good Leader will scales up. Being able to identify the Skill Set of a team and Delegating tasks accordingly, Empathy and Decision making are the essence of leadership skills. Leadership development training program can be scientifically designed to address functional as well as foundational needs.

Management skills training are essential for the modern Workforce. They not only guarantee an increased Business potential but also ensure the entire Organization works like a well oiled Machine.

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Shradha HRD, a soft skills training company that works with businesses and educational institutions to build soft skills in your staff and students. Popular topics for the Soft skills and leadership training development webinars include: Delegating for Development. Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback. What's Your Personal Leadership Philosophy? Personal Effectiveness and Leadership Presence. Taking Risks & Failing Forward. Striking the Right Balance: Leading vs. Managing.