Golang is a multi-purpose programming language and focused on simplicity so developers can build fast, reliable and easy to build apps with golang. Since its release, golang has become more stable and an easily adopted language with strong community support which is increasing day by day. It has a well detailed documentation that helps developers to easily adapt the language. Golang is used for huge projects that can incorporate into massive large scale distributed systems. It’s vibrant community creates and shares a large number of third-party libraries. Here we’ll see the top 10 golang libraries and packages that makes working with Go even easier.

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Top 10 Golang Libraries and Packages-
1. Gorm-
GORM is a developer-friendly tool to convert data between incompatible type systems. It is full-featured ORM, with associations, hooks and laundry list of features. All ORMS are designed to reduce code that should be re-written when switching between type systems. This tool delivers on this goal with its RAW SQL and SQL Builders, auto migration tools and extensible plugins for customization. Each feature comes with its own tests and this makes it easy for developers to try something out without completely borking the whole system. Gorm brings the world of object-relational mapping to Go with features as follows-
Callbacks (Before/After Create/Save/Update/Delete/Find)
Preloading (eager loading)
Associations (Has One, Has Many, Belongs To, Many To Many, Polymorphism)
SQL Builder
Composite Primary Key
Auto Migrations
Extendable, write Plugins based on GORM callbacks
2. Goose-
When working with relational databases, managing the schema is one of the most important tasks. Modification in DB schema is considered a scary change in many organizations. This goose package lets you perform schema changes and even data migrations if required. You can goose up and goose down to go back and forth. Goose functions by versioning your schema and using migration files corresponding to each schema. The migration files can be SQL commands or Go commands. Let us see an example of SQL migration file which adds a new table-

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