Hooking up is a glorious time when desires are met and fantasies are fulfilled. Sounds great at first but it’s harder than you might think. All of us at some point of time deal with monotony even in sex. If you are someone who engages in casual sex a lot, you might have found yourself not being able to enjoy it like before. It’s a basic human tendency to get bored doing the same thing over and over again. How can we change things up and enjoy hook ups as much as we can? There are a few ways to spice up your sex life. Here are some of the kinkiest, spiciest ones. From hair pulling to light spanking, we have it all. Have fun and revel in the glory of casual sex.

#1 Take Control
Hook ups are dynamic experiences and create poor experiences when you overthink. Take control of the situation and assert your needs. If your partner is submissive, he/she will love the fact that you are dominating them. If they are dominant, you will know instantly and change it up accordingly. If you can create an amazing experience for your partner, you will find yourself having one too.

#2 Be Open
Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner kinkiness if you know your partner is up to it. You should always have playful conversations where you figure out what turns on your partner. When it’s time to have fun, unleash your fantasies and let him/her have the time of their life. Some like to be dominated completely whereas others might love a little nibble on their ears. You have to be aware of how your partner responds and change accordingly. Don’t go on auto pilot and think only about yourself. Be open, aware and confident with every move you make.

#3 Role Play
All of us have fantasies which we may not discuss openly. Hook ups are the best time to fulfill your deepest fantasies. Role play is an excellent way to satisfy your kinks and bring pleasure to your partner. You can talk to him/her and ask them about their fantasies before enacting them. Be creative and play the part as well as you can. When you role play, you are playing a role and so don’t be afraid if it may be out of character. Wing it to the best of your ability and always be confident.

#4 The Bedroom Isn’t Your Whole World
You don’t have to wait to get into the bedroom before having fun. Grab your partner and start kissing him/her right after you enter. Spank her and turn her towards you. This will bring an element of surprise and may start a wave of sexy, hot experiences. The bedroom is just a room. Don’t let it cloud your imagination. Get creative and impress your partner. Tear their clothes and let them know you mean business. Just make sure that you don’t come off as a brute who likes to assault people. Make sure you know your partner a little before doing the more extreme kinky things.

#5 Put on a Show
Hook ups aren’t defined by sex alone. Everything that leads to it is equally important. You can either passionately rip each other’s clothes off and get started or you can put on a hot peep or strip show for your partner. Tease him/her by taking off your clothes slowly and seduce them. In many ways you are about to give a small glimpse into the amazing experience they are about to have. Perhaps even have an article of clothing on you as you lie in bed. This will have a greater impact if you’re a woman. Lying in bed with your high heels on for example will melt the guy into oblivion.

#6 The Glory of Foreplay
If you’re a man, go thrice as slow as what you think is appropriate when touching her body. Use your soft, flat fingers run them across the erogenous zones slowly. Be sensual yet assertive when engaging in foreplay. If you’re a woman, start slow but don’t hesitate to be naughty and talk dirty. Tease him and make him want more. If you two consensually want to get rough, do so but don’t just start abruptly. Work towards it. This will allow both parties to be comfortable with one another.

#7 Rope Play
This one might not be for everyone but if your partner likes it, go for it. On the other hand if you’re into it, ask your partner if they want to try. Some love being tied up in submission as they get pleasured. If your partner is submissive, be dominant and demanding. Pull their hair lightly and kiss them passionately. While you two are making out, you can start tying up your partner. Just remember to use safe words in case one of you gets uncomfortable.

#8 Use Blindfolds
Blindfolding your partner or getting blindfolded really heats things up before sex. Nothing compares with the thrill of not knowing exactly what is about to happen. Sex by its very nature requires a little bit of danger or a sense of the unknown to really heighten the pleasure. Don’t go overboard but being playful with blindfolds is extremely hot and most enjoy it. Once you have blindfolded your partner, play with him/her and touch their erogenous zones. Caress their body parts and breathe down their neck. You will have your partner quivering with pleasure in no time.

#9 Be Daring
Maybe try to have sex with the window blinds off. There’s something about the danger of being caught that is extremely sexy. The trick is to not do anything when you know full well you’ll get caught. Make sure they won’t be anyone nearby because what you want is the idea that someone might see and not that someone will definitely see. Grope your partner’s body right in front of the open window and play with him/her. Most people love it when they think they can get away without being caught.

#10 Body Worship
Want to enslave your partner to your glorious body parts? Let go of your fears and assert yourself. Most guys love women’s breasts and most girls love a man’s penis or buttocks. Having your partner worshiping your body part or vice versa can be incredibly hot. Make sure you talk dirty and completely dominate your partner. Never second doubt yourself and always believe you are in control. Once your partner believes this too, you are set.

Always practice safe sex, get consent before you try anything. Remember that your partner is a human being too with their own fantasies and turn offs. Once you both have agreed on everything, go nuts.
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