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By KARTHIK - December 22, 2019

Here is the list of top 10 mp3 download sites where you can find online free music, new movie song downloads. These sites are handpicked from hundreds of sites as they are safe, legal and above all provide high-quality music downloads free from around the world.
Here you can also find categories like free 70's disco music downloads, free ringtones music downloads, instrumental music downloads, free relaxation music downloads mp3, free music downloads iPhone, android mobile phones.
By using these websites, you can legally download your favorite music around the world and enjoy without having to worry about sites stealing your information, ads, popups, virus & malware. These sites provide quality entertainment for free and provide the best user experience as you can listen to your favorite songs with a few clicks.


The Music Archive
Last FM

Free Music Song Download Sites


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SOUNDCLOUD is one of the best places for free mp3 download online which provides high-quality content. SoundCloud is one of the popular music sites that lets you stream unlimited music and download songs for free. The site has a huge collection of hundreds of full-length audio podcast, beats, samples and songs and remixes from different artists around the world.

This is an online music streaming community where content is uploaded by independent artists and famous musicians. One can search for their favourite songs through bands or artist tags in the search bar and download the content that is free and legal.

The site is a Spotify alternative where you can get online music without paying and instantly download almost all their content for Free by using the Download button below the soundtrack.

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The Internet Archive is a digital library with a mission of "universal access to all knowledge". It provides free public access to collections of digitized materials, which include websites, software/games, MUSIC, movies/videos and millions of books and this collection is free and open for everyone to use.

This Digital library contains MUSIC uploaded by Archive users which range from all kinds of genre. This digital library is housing thousands of rare and quality music and song collections from around the world that can be downloaded with a single click.

The only issue is finding what one wants is difficult and in order to find a particular song you have to sort the audio tracks available according to the year of publishing, creator, language, and other filters such as most viewed, media type, topics & subjects. One can surely find anything if you search hard enough and is the largest collection of mp3 for download.

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JAMENDO is a great place to watch free movies online with lots of new movies being added all the time. The website has a collection of nearly 5,00,000 songs which also include music from several promising newcomers.

Jamendo is a platform for fans who admires the artist's talent where they can, in turn, support them through clubs and music purchases. One can find songs in six languages which include English, Italian, German, Polish, French, and Spanish.

The site is not just for newcomers but also many established artists have also uploaded their songs on this website. It has a user-friendly website as you search for your favorite artists or songs and you can simply hit the Play or Download songs of choice from this website.

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REVERBNATION offers free MUSIC as the site caters to nearly 4 million, artists, labels, and users and provides a great user experience to music lovers through its impressive catalogue. The site interface is simple makes it really easy to find ones favourite songs through its genre-specific menus or search for them through the search bar.

ReverbNation is also a place for new and upcoming artists where they share their music for free and builds up their loyal fanbase. ReverbNation has a mix of every genre available for song downloads but the site commonly tends to popular music genres like pop, alternative, and hip-hop more than anything else.

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SOUNDCLIK is one of the rare website to download songs and that streams free songs. This site is highly popular provide high-quality music for download with a few clicks. The content is not vast compared to other sites but has a decent collection and if you want to purchase the rights of a song it is also possible here.

Here you can pick your song from a list of a genre-specific collection that you want as on-demand music streaming website as well as download the same. The Only issue would be the music on the site is not all free to download. Some of the music is paid as thousands of renowned artists sell their songs through this SoundClick,

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LAST.FM has a great music collection of all popular genres. was created in 2002 where it functioned as an internet radio station, later in 2005, the site was adopted by Audio scrobbler.
On one can find a section with free music as some of the content is premium which can only be rented, and not available for free. Last.FM free to stream collection is so high one would not bother about the paid content.

It has plenty of genres where one can find their favourite songs and save within a system easily using the blue Free Download button. is one of the best music websites to download songs for the free and the only issue would be that music quality is mentioned. In order to recall great moments through music, one has to listen to the track to find the quality and download.

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AMAZON MUSIC is a really great site where we can find everything in a single place. The leading online retailer which provides an extensive range of products is now presenting digital products like games and songs. Users can access MP3 songs of choice online after payment, also there is a collection of free songs that are available for download directly from the Amazon MP3 website.

The site has a collection of 50000 songs that are available for free download and is among the biggest legal, free music stores on the internet. The best thing is all songs are classified into respective categories like songs depending upon their types that include Classical, Folk, Children’s Music, Country, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock & Metal, Pop, Blues, Broadway and Vocalists, Dance & Electronic, New Age, International, R&B, Miscellaneous and more.

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