Virasana yoga is also called Hero pose yoga. The pose is simple, yet complex to master. The name of the virasana pose arises from the Sanskrit term ‘vira’. Many saints and masters of meditation used to prefer this pose for its many benefits.

To do virasana yoga, follow these simple steps:
Sit in an upright position. Keep your hips on your knees. Focus on your knees and slowly separate your feet to either side till you feel comfortable. In general, 18 inches distance would suffice to stay in virasana yoga pose.

Remember that you should not sit on your feet in this pose, but your buttocks should lie on the space between the top of the feet. Sit in a relaxed position and keep your hands on your thighs. You can do this pose for one minute.

Suggestion: When you want to close this pose, stretch the ankles and drift into Dandasana.

Here are the top ten facts about virasana yoga you should know:

Virasana yoga can be practiced by pregnant women too. Unlike some yoga poses that are restricted to pregnant women, the hero pose is safe. However, moderation is the key.
Virasana pose helps correct the posture of individuals who have a leaning posture. You can also practice this to correct your posture that has been damaged due to sitting prolonged hours in front of the computers.
Kids benefit immensely with the Virasana pose. The pose does strengthen their tender muscles and joints.
Virasana pose is a pose that you can do on its own. Or you can also use support like a block or bench or a towel for comfort.
A variation of virasana pose called Supta Virasana helps relax the entire muscles of the body after a tiring day.
Virasana pose is practiced through partnering also. It helps to gain confidence and benefit better from this pose.
Virasana pose benefits the mental well being. It balances the chakras of the body and removes all sorts of negative thoughts and emotions.
Doshas (imbalances) of our body are set right by the regular practice of virasana yoga. The pose enhances focus, eyesight, and attention too.
The benefits of the virasana pose are boosted by following it up with Follow Up poses. For getting into the tone and alignment of the hero pose, consider practicing the Preparatory poses too as a warm up for the Hero pose.
The hero pose strengthens the lower body. Thighs and calf muscles get full toning with regular practice of this pose.

Hero pose also benefits people suffering from gastrointestinal issues. This is a great pose for relaxing the muscles of the legs simply without spending a penny. This pose boosts our compassion, calms down our gushing minds. This explains why yogis and saints preferred this pose.

Focus on your breath as long as you are practicing the pose. Deeply inhale and exhale the air noting every breath in your mind. This pose is also a great alternative for a power nap. For all those, who love to get a quick deep relaxation in office space, this is the best yoga pose to practice in the lawn or one’s cabin.

Like any other yoga pose, the hero or virasana pose should not be performed for too long. If you feel uncomfortable, better take a break or rest for that day. In general, one can master virasana pose in 2-3 weeks with regular practice.

Avoid if you have any major injuries in the bottom part of the body. Also, refrain from the intensive practice of this pose if your body is not supporting it. Experts do not suggest this pose for people with heart ailments or other serious problems.

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