Dog lovers always view all bread as loving and extremely loyal and that’s what we all believe. Most of the dog owners view all the dogs as the same and creatures that can do anything to please their masters. However, there are some breeds that go beyond this level. In this brief, we will talk about top 5 emotional support animal dog breeds. This type of dog is known as an emotional support dog.

According experts, having a dog adds directly on your emotional side of live. For this reason, there are some breeds that are known to be better than others especially when it comes to emotional support. These are the dogs that offer all-round support and companionship in every day’s life.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This bread of a dog is classified as a toy dog by the American Kennel club. It weights approximately 13-18lbs and has a lifespan of about 9-14 years. This breed got its name from the fact that it was the king’s best breed. King Charles 11 of England had a special connection with this breed. It is known for its friendly nature and the calm temperaments and it matches well with all age groups.


These kinds of dogs are very easy to train and also needs little exercises to stay healthy and fit. They are also known for their calm and friendly nature. What this means is that they are very fit for home-bound patients. It is also known to be a good watch dog.

Golden Retriever

This dog breed has been at the top list of the best dog breeds for years. If you are in the market looking for the best breed in terms of love and companionship, then this is the best for you. The dog is known for giving furry love and also makes a good service dogs. It can match your hunting and athletic partner for jogging and other types of training.


This breed is born a performer and they are also super social and great lovers. It is known to blend perfectly with children and people of all ages. They also adapt very easily to a new environment and also live longer than any other breed of a dog. However, they may take some of your time grooming and keeping up with the cleanliness and beauty. The main reason for this is because their hair will never stop growing and another issue is that they don’t shed. Though, if you don’t mind, you can get such a breed for your social life.


This other breed can make a good therapy dogs. It is referred to as the member of the herding group which is known for even temperament and affectionate love to the master. They are also short and sturdy dogs popular for their obedience and friendly attitudes. They were originally brought forward to be herders in the market but they also make a good companion for people with disabilities and those in nursing homes.

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