CIA-Central Intelligence Agency, many of us had heard about it & knew few things about it, many of us not, as it is a secret service agency, just like India has RAW, America has CIA.

Every secret agency can go through any limit to save their country or to gather intelligence about the potential threats to their country, the same goes for the CIA as well, but you will surprise or we can say shocked to see that at what limit that CIA has gone to serve their nation.

Founded on 18th September 1947, CIA is the America's premier foreign intelligence agency created after the attack on pearl harbor by japan, president Harry S Truman insisted America should have there own intelligence agency to coordinate with other countries and to identify the threats to their nation, Soon President Truman signed the National Security Act & CIA is formed.

Below are a few bizarre operations that the CIA has carried out throughout history to save America or gather intelligence for America-

10) Operation Northwoods-
In the year 1962, Cuba under the regime of Fidel Castro emerged as the communist nation, just close to 103 miles from Florida, the USA cannot tolerate the communist ally so close to their nation.
USA needs an excuse to enter in a war with tiny nation CUBA, so they started the Operation Northwoods it is also known as false flag operations, the plan was to attack your own country and accused CUBA of doing it, to execute this they have exploded the military ship & hijacked their own planes from the base.

9) Operation Paperclip-
Even Adolf Hitler thought that, to win the future wars we need advancement in the scientific & military technologies, as WWII ended many of the Nazi's genius brains fled Germany and many of them get hide somewhere.
This gives birth to the operation paperclip, the program was America's mission to source the best nazi geniuses and offer them asylum, ignoring their crimes in exchange for working for the US, approx 700 scientists were transported out nazi Germany after WWII.

This includes one famous scientist named "Verner Von Braun" who helped Nazi Germany to build V2 rockets, he later created technology that helped America to win the space race and finally put men on the moon.

8) Cold Eyed Economic Warfare(Faulty Equipment)-
Siberia has one of the world's largest gas fields, but its thousands of miles away from their potential customer in western Europe. Russia emerged as the
helping hand and proposed the plan of endless supply of gas coming down the new Siberian pipeline & connecting to the german gas network and then on to the rest of the Europe.
As America wants to cripple this programs and to want to collapse Russia's economy, Russia's pipeline was robust large but old fashioned, so they need an advance pipeline system, KGB agent started approaching the western companies for software to update soviet gas pipe network, this thing came to the attention of the CIA, so by using a team of hackers they cleverly wrote industrial bogus machine code & sold it to the KGB spy.
As they installed this malware occupied code on their network, the malicious program started working as expected the code sabotage a few pipes & valves, creating an enormous pressure in the pipeline.
In 1982, finally, the explosion took place, the blast was so horrific it was clearly visible from the space-based spy satellites.

7) Operation Mongoose -
In response to a request by US attorney general Robert Kennedy, the CIA produces a list of few dirty tricks to dispose of Castro's regime.
To start this operation the USA has first cut the oil supply & export of sugar to Cuba, but ultimately Soviets emerges and helps Cuba with oil & sugar when this trick doesn't work the CIA' decided they would destabilize Cuba's government by assassinating its leader, Fidel Castro.
In a series of secret meetings they have come up with ridiculous ideas & it is unclear how many of this they ever tried, few of the tricks are poisoning his cigar or pants, scuba suit or even seashells #Hilarious

6) Acoustic Kitty -
In the 1960s, CIA attempted a short-lived experiment nicknamed "Acoustic Kitty", CIA operatives noticed that the cat would wander around the premises without drawing attention.
CIA implanted a three-quarter inch transmitter into the "loses", the fleshy part at the back of a cat's neck & microphone was put in the cat's ear canal, with an almost invisible wire connecting two devices so they would be able to eavesdrop on communist,
But cats though able to roam into the desired location easily didn't exactly make the best spies, CIA found that the cat would walk off the job when got hungry, unfortunately, on the first and only mission the cat was run over, thus agency concluded that training the cats would not be practical.

5) Operation Gold -
In the 1950s during the cold war, monitoring the soviet union and it influences worldwide was the top priority of the CIA, Berlin was the vast communications network from France to deep within Russia, In a joint operation with MI-6, they came up with the plan assessed the tapping into underground communication line in the Soviet sector of berlin. So In January 1954 than the director of CIA, Allen Dulles approved the covert tunneling and tapping operation.

So CIA built the 450m tunnel named as berlin tunnel, to hack the phones of the soviet union HQ in berlin. A KGB mole into the MI6 has tipped off the soviet during the operations planning, so to protect their source KGB allowed the operation to continue until April 1956, during this period soviet fed the US fake info for a year.

4) Operation Sukarno -
Seeking to discredit the president of Indonesia, during the cold war, CIA agents used a look like of the president and created few erotic clips which seemingly look a president is a person who is doing such shameful things & try to blackmail him.
But the CIA failed to realize the president itself already was a famed womanizer and this movie had no impact at all on his popularity.

3) Operation Torture -
CIA's interrogation technique on suspected terrorists includes waterboarding & sleep deprivation. High bass music is played to disorientate detainees, the music includes the sesame street theme tune.
CIA even reportedly lied to the congress, the justice department, the white house about what exactly they are doing in interrogating prisoners & that interrogations are far more brutal & more widespread than has been publicly known.

2) Operation Mkultra -
It is the weirdest,risky & inhuman thing CIA has ever done, it includes mind control experiments involving the secret administering of LSD to normal public of the nation to create a so-called Manchurian agent, The paper leaked clearly states that the lethal dose of the sarin has been given to volunteers who are involved in this technique.

This experiment has even led to the apparent suicide of the CIA employee 9 days after he has been being drugged.

1) Operation Nanda Devi -
Yes, you heard it right, Nanda Devi- a reference to India, In 1965, CIA in a joint operation with RAW implanted the Nuclear powered device on the Indian mountain Nanda Devi to keep an eye on China's nuclear test.
Due to avalanche it ultimately swept away & remain undiscovered to date, India government has closed the area for the decade's exceptions such as Army , India has even set up a commission for this, In 1967 operation had finally scored a success, but still, one nuclear device remains discovered which is dangerous for everyone.

End thoughts-

We are no one to judge someone by what they are doing or has done in the past, As per CIA whatever they have done is the patriotism for them, but for other people, it may be the brutality. Few of the operations are treated as the well-executed and well-behaved operations while some indicated the act from the Hell, I am leaving this to you, how you are thinking about this, Do let me know in the comments section which operation you find interesting & which one you think is the act o brutality.


1. Asylum - protection given to someone who has left their home country as a political refugee
2. V2 Rockets- It was the world's first long-range guided rocket.
3. Robust- Strong
4. Malicious code- the code which is used to cause an undesired effect
5. KGB - Secret service agency of Soviet Russia.
6. Sabotage - Delibartely destroying or damaging something
7. MI6- Secret Service agency of England.
8. Covert - Confidential
9. Taping - recording of sound/audio/video/pictures
10. Mole - A spy who achieves a trustworthy position in the security defense of another nation.
11. Waterboarding - An interrogation technique similar to drowning
12. Sleep deprivation - A condition suffering from lack of sleep
13. Sesame Street theme tune(CIA) - A remix disturbed version of original song which is used on prisoners.
14. LSD/SARIN -A type of drug used in the Mind experiments techniques.
15. Manchurian Agent - A puppet agent used by the enemy.
16. Avalanche - A mass of snow, ice & rocks falling from the mountain

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