You can’t hurry love or so the famous song goes, but is it really so? Thanks to bisexual dating sites, bisexuals and bi-curious people today can spruce up their love life with utmost ease.

With a few clicks, you can browse through the profiles of hundreds, even thousands, of people interested in the same thing as you—bisexual dating.

Because bisexual dating site make dating easy and convenient, they are now hugely popular. With that said, not all bisexual dating sites are equal; some are better than others.

Some Advantages of Using Bisexual Dating Reviews Sites

Help you learn more about the site
No dating website ever says it’s a mediocre one, but the truth is there are many average dating sites. Reading a third-party review of a site can help you develop a fair understanding about it. This way you can know the facts about it that really matter and not just the information displayed at its homepage.

Learn which are the best bisexual dating sites
As said earlier, some bisexual dating sites are better than others. Therefore, logically enough, using the top sites will give you a better chance of meeting the desired man or woman. Reading the reviews of different bisexual dating sites will help you know the top bisexual dating sites.

Save time
The dating review sites conduct an extensive research before reviewing a dating site. Picking a top name in the list of a reputable dating review site will help you save much time, as you wouldn’t have to do a research of your own to learn the truth about it; the experts have told you all about it already.

Save Money
To enjoy the best of online bisexual dating, you need access to advanced features which dating sites offer. However, these features can be usually used only by paid members. Through dating review sites, you can learn which bisexual dating site offers you the best value for money.

Protect your privacy
There are sites with a robust privacy policy in place and then there are some which have an ambiguous privacy policy. With help of bisexual dating reviews sites, you can identify the sites which are committed to protect their members’ privacy.

Ten best bisexual dating reviews sites

top 10 bisexual dating sites

This review site is a winner all the way—and not without good reasons. This site features a detailed review of 10 hand-picked sites, so that readers can learn all they need to know about them. In case you are too busy to read the full review, go through the snippet of information, which, among other things, tell you the Established Year, Popularity, User Base, and top features. The list is regularly updated and hence features the best bisexual sites at any given point in time. The site assigns a score to each reviewed site and the higher the score, the better the site.


no1 reviews

This site needs no introduction. It is one of the top dating review sites. While there’s no section specifically for bisexual dating, you will find a detailed review of some bisexual dating sites, like Bi Cupid, under Gay Dating. The most impressive thing about the reviews is that the editor rates each site on several important parameters, like chance of getting a date, features, ease of use, value for money, etc., and the ratings are displayed at the beginning of the review. So even without reading the review, you can develop an accurate understanding about how good the site in question is.

3. Best Dating Sites

best dating sites

This is another great review site, featuring a detailed review of the best dating sites. Those interested in bisexual dating can find the top bisexual dating sites by clicking the Bi-Sexual option under the Gay tab. Wherever possible, the reviewer provides the number of monthly visitors of a site. This information is very useful, as generally the opportunities to meet someone special are greater when the number of monthly visitors is more.

4. Bisexual Dating Sites

Here you will find the review of 5 top bisexual dating sites. The review is detailed and reading it will help you make an informed decision when it comes to picking up a bisexual dating site for yourself. The site rates each site, with the best one getting 5 stars, to make it easier for readers with little time to learn about the pecking order at a glance. However, the site does not provide information regarding monthly visitors upfront.


top 10 bi dating sites

Where this review sites scores over others is that it provides pros and cons of each reviewed site, along with information about its Privacy policy and ease of use. However, the site doesn’t provide information about the number of monthly users and how effective the site is when it comes to finding a date.

6. Dating Sites for Bi

If you are looking for top bisexual dating sites in 2016, you might want to bookmark this review site. The reviews are detailed and the information shared is easy to assimilate. One drawback though is that the site features only top 5 bisexual dating sites and not 10.

7. Lovetoknow

love to know

As the name suggests, Lovetoknow provides useful information about a subject. While here you will not find reviews of top bisexual dating sites, you will find a lot of useful information about bisexual dating.


love to know

The site ranks bisexual dating sites on several important parameters, like features, ease of use, privacy, customer support, subscription fees, etc., and provide a comprehensive review. However, it lists only the best 5 sites in bisexual dating.


You will find detailed review of some top bisexual dating sites under the Bisexual Dating Review tab. However, you will be disappointed if you are looking for a lot of options. This site doesn’t provide a review of top 10 or 5 bisexual dating sites. At the time this article was written, the site featured a review of only 2 bisexual dating sites. The good news, however, is that there’s a lot of information about bisexual dating on the site that will be useful to you, especially if you are new to bisexual dating.


You will find a lot of useful information on varied subjects of bisexual dating here. However, bear in mind that this is not a review site per se. Nevertheless, you might find a review of some top bisexual dating sites here.


When it comes to bisexual dating reviews sites, none matches the quality and detail to attention of With that said, as a reader, you must understand that bisexual dating reviews sites, even the best ones, are for reference only. Ultimately, you must choose for a dating site with which you are most comfortable.

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You can’t hurry love or so the famous song goes, but is it really so? Thanks to bisexual dating sites, bisexuals and bi-curious people today can spruce up their love life with utmost ease.