Striking a balance between work and a healthy lifestyle can be extremely difficult.

It takes tremendous effort and utmost dedication to meet your everyday nutritional needs. Everything you consume has a significant role to play in the functionality of your body parts, hormonal balance, weight, and disease risk.

Nutritional requirements continue to change with age and lifestyle choices for every individual.

Kids and teenagers can enjoy a generous amount of fat along with the goodness of vegetables and fruits in their diet. However, as you grow and enter the adult phase of life, food requirements evolve more around protein, micro, and macronutrients.

It's almost like you need a personalized GPS to keep your body functioning at optimum levels.

Why Do You Need A Nutritionist?

Working with a nutritionist in Bangalore is the best way to understand your body and achieve your health goals.

You might find thousands of web pages that contain diets to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, or blood pressure. You might as well feel great following the recent diet trend, too, but are the results sustainable?

A qualified nutritionist near your place can examine your body, blood work, and other vitals to devise a personalized meal plan to help you meet a healthier you.

A healthy meal plan and lifestyle can help support various health goals and keep your skin glowing like never before. Today 8 out of 10 people are suffering from some form of nutritional deficiency. Many are suffering from overweight-related diseases like BP and cardiovascular diseases.

Whether you need a push in the right direction or have a particular health condition that requires attention, these nutritionists can help you with your targets.

1. Silky Mahajan
They guide individuals on how to manage nourishment along with their busy schedules. She has 13 years of experience. She has rebooted the life of various individuals around the globe toward a healthier path. She continues to empower people on the path of healthy living in a risk-free manner.

2. Ms. Uma Trasi
Dr. Uma is a well-known nutritionist who believes in sustainable results. No magic trick can fix nutritional deficiency overnight. It requires continuous work and monitoring. Dr. Uma specializes in nutrition deficiency and healthy weight loss.

3. Dr. Sharmila Shankar
Sharmila is an ace nutritionist with a client base spread across Banglore. She is well-known around the city for her online nutrition and wellness consultation. Her primary strength is helping people with weight loss and proper eating habits.

4. Ms. Vani Krishna

Dr. Vani believes in a home-based diet and workout regime. Based in Banglore, Vani has vast clinical experience in evaluating and assessing personalized diet plans for individuals who suffer from chronic diseases.

5. Ms. Shikha Mishra
Over the years, she has proven her ability to plan and implement nutrition and health care plans for individuals that reflect positive effects. Shikha believes in working efficiently over disciplinary eating habits and improving quality of life.

6. Dr. Akhila Joshi
Akhila specializes in nutrition counseling, nutrition therapy, and nutrition education. Akhila wears many feathers in her cap as an entrepreneur and lifestyle correction enthusiast. She serves her clients all over India apart from Banglore.

7. Ms. Rohini Raghu
Rohini is an experienced professional with exceptional research and technical skills. She has worked with clients suffering from various diseases and successfully managed to control chronic diseases.

8. Ms. Nafeesa Imteyaz
Nafeesa is dedicated to serving individual health needs with a holistic path toward nutrition and wellness. She is highly skilled in treating patients with chronic ailments.

9. Ms. Sharanya Shastry
Sharanya is a culinary-based nutritionist who specializes in weight management. She collaborated with individuals to curate metabolic meal plans that help them achieve their goals.

10. Dr. K Jyoti Rao
Jyoti is a dynamic leader in the health and wellness industry. She is a global health advocate and caters to innovative diet plans that fulfill all your nutritional needs. She has been working with clients across the globe, healing and strengthening both body and mind.

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