There are several cities where women get the best opportunities. However just like everything else that needs to be measured as ‘the best’ there are several different criteria that should be defined to at least neutralize subjective opinion and personal biases.

What are the criteria for judging?
First criteria would be geographical location. Since there are more factors to consider when it comes to working women and the cities in the entire world where they can find work it is best to pick a specific country. Other factors that need to be considered are:

• Age
• Either married or single
• Kids
• Single mother or with a partner
• Income potential
• Salaried worker or entrepreneur
• Safety and security
• Laws that protect working women
• Cost of living
• Overall quality of living conditions

What makes the study more complex is that each of these criteria has factors of their own to consider.

The Forbes research
Forbes leads the pack in searching for the best place in the US for working moms in particular. They have been doing this particular research for four years. What this group looks at first are the largest and most populated metropolitan areas. Taking all other factors that concerns women with children into consideration Forbes came up with this list this year.

Starting at number 10 going up to number 1 the ten best cities in the US for working moms this year are:

10. Louisville, Kentucky
9. Buffalo, New York
8. Richmond, Virginia
7. Cleveland, Ohio
6. Birmingham, Alabam
5. Providence, Rhode Island
4. Cincinnati, Ohio
3. Hartford, Connecticut
2. New Orleans, Louisiana
1. Columbus, Ohio

Reaching new and greater heights
According to Forbes Columbus, Ohio bumped off Buffalo, New York this year. Columbus OH not only boasts of higher than average income for women but 44% of this city’s workforce is composed of women workers. The city’s unemployment rate is also below the national average and the quality of living like affordable child care, quality education, number of healthcare practitioners, time spent commuting, and the overall safety and security just places Columbus OH at the top of the list as compared to all the other metropolitan areas in the US.

Something to be proud of
Ohio is certainly doing well based on the latest study made by Forbes in terms of the overall condition for working moms. Last year there were two cities from this state that were listed in the top ten with Columbus OH at second and Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor OH at number 10. This year not only did Columbus become the best place for working moms there are two other cities from Ohio that made it to the Forbes list. These are Cleveland at number 7 and Cincinnati at 4.

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