Imprinting the Marks of Success in Tech

Women have really rolled up their sleeves to take the charge in the technology space. Winds of change finally seems to have arrived after watching female leaders thriving in the sphere of technology.

Until last decade, women were underrepresented in the technology industry.Last few years have marked a tremendous revolution, as women with their immense technical knowledge and strong business acumen have taken tech startups or well-established businesses to the new heights.

Women have hugely contributed to the technological world by opening doors to endless possibilities with their critical thinking abilities. These contributions date back to the earliest years of computer science, when Ada Lovelace with her passion for mathematics worked with Charles Babbage on his computer called the Analytical Engine. She is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer and the first person to see the full potential of computersthat relate to how computers are used today.

Technology doesn’t ask for the gender to be a part of the industry; it only demands for technical skills and know-how. Having women in tech is the drastic transformation.

There are more such women who in the hat of leaders are shaping the technological landscape and setting an example for admiring women tech enthusiasts. In order to acknowledge their significant contributions, Insights Success has compiled a list of “Top 10 AmbitiousWomen in Tech 2021”.

We have featured Michelle Rudnick on the cover of this edition. Michelle is the President and acting CEO of PCS, a certified minority & woman owned business since 1995 driven by the ideology that wise technology investments are one of the key elements that enable organizations’ growth, innovation, and the power to advance in their industries.

Under the abled leadership of Michelle, PCS is recognized as leading provider of technology services to educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses. Its managed services, mobility, video solutions, A/V integration, virtualization, unified communications, and data infrastructure solutions leverage organization’s consultative approach, deep technical expertise, and extensive industry partnerships.

Let’s unveil more alike and inspiring stories of such ambitious leaders in tech and spread the word about their contribution in making this world a better place.

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