Pause for a moment and consider just how many to-dos, ideas, projects, and plans you’ve currently got floating through your brain. They keep flitting around bumping into other thoughts, (“Boy, I wish I was still in bed”), and never stay put on your mental to-do list. It takes constant vigilance to keep everything in line and the one moment you take your guard down, off into the abyss floats your plan to end world hunger, a reminder to buy your nephew’s birthday present, and who knows what else?

Sound kind of stressful? Energy consuming? Anxiety producing? Let me be clear: It is! When we rely on our brains to remember everything that has to get done everyday we are literally setting ourselves up for sleepless nights, unclear priorities, and forgotten activities.

A tremendous way to boost your energy and reduce your stress levels is to start routinely getting things out of your head and into a system that you trust and actually use.

The coolest part about this process is that you begin to create so much more room for new ideas, increased creativity, and calmer thoughts to come roaring in. It’s true! The more you get out of your head, the more great things bubble to the surface. Feel like starting now? Here are some tools to get you going.

Feel like starting now? Here are some tools to get you going.

For My Tech Lovers:

- Evernote is a free digital service that allows you store, track, and organize clipped articles, pictures, notes, reminders, etc. from your computer, phone, or the web. It is truly amazing!

- RememberTheMilk is a very popular task manager application that works with just about every mobile device and online calendar system you can think of.

- Inspiration hits while you’re on the go? No problem! Use Jott a nifty phone service that transcribes your voice notes and sends them to your inbox!

For My Paper Lovers:

- Let’s start with our favorite old standby, the tried and true paper system. Keep your list to one piece of paper daily or one specific notebook that you keep close by to capture your incoming tasks and to cross things off your list!

- You will no longer be kicking yourself for forgetting that million dollar invention you thought of in the shower. Aqua Note is here! That’s right folks, this product offers waterproof paper to make sure your brilliant moments are never forgotten again.

- offers over 400 printable lists for every part of life. From financial planning lists to moving to special lists for students.

Have fun using these tools to get things out of your head and watch the good stuff that starts pouring in!

Author's Bio: 

Julie Gray is a seasoned space organizer, coach, and productivity adviser for exhausted overachievers who are ready to stop the cycle without sacrificing success and find the time and energy to get more out life.

Julie’s unique expertise is in harmonizing your space, time, AND energy in order to optimize your productivity and drive faster, more impactful results. Her comprehensive system creates more time in your day, and is designed to evolve along with your ever-changing life.