“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Maximization seems to be the name of the game these days. We have to take advantage of every small morsel of time, so that we can be as successful as we can possibly be, and not be thought of as less-than by our peers. And this isn’t just happening in your small city or town. It’s become a global epidemic!

I think we’ve all forgotten that we have an eternity not only to achieve, but also to learn, to grow, to apply our skills, and to enjoy this life. See, even I put enjoyment last on this list.

Can you at least consider that it was you who adopted this helter-skelter pace, this rush toward the gold, this relentless pace? It’s no wonder you may feel overworked and overwhelmed from time to time. I say this: if you set it up, you can change the set up.

I fully support the idea of working toward the big dream. You don’t have to run here. You can walk continuously, sedately, with enjoyment and get there just the same, because whether you run or you walk, you still only have right now to accomplish your goals and you can prioritize them.

Worst first. Do you remember when you had to eat that one teaspoon of vegetables for dinner and you didn’t want to? How did you handle it? You ate it first and got it out of the way, right? Same with your tasks. Once you prioritize them, choose the one you disdain the most, and put at least half an hour in on it first thing in the morning. It won’t seem nearly as repulsive after you do this and who know, you might get another half hour out of yourself.

Create an organized workspace. Can you imagine the flight deck on an aircraft carrier filled with debris? The planes could never launch. I cannot work productively in clutter. I have to have a clear deck to get going. You will see an increase in your productivity if you can add efficiency to your productivity because you are organized. Do this at the end of every work day so you’re ready to launch next morning.

There’s only now. You can only do today’s work today. Stay focused on today and forget about yesterday or tomorrow, because you’re burning up today being out of focus. It’s a substantial simplification that will add great productivity to your achievements.

Give it all you’ve got….and then let it go, knowing you put your best effort into it. It is a much better idea to give it a first try without over thinking it, because you can always take a second, improved go at it. Perfection usually doesn’t hit with our first efforts. Think of stones in flowing water: they are polished, and polished, and polished many times before they are worn to perfect smoothness. Your efforts are in the process of perfection.

Keep Track of Your Proofs. Each of us does good things today that may not look so beautiful the following day. Why is that? Because in the “doing,” we learned more about the task and now we know more; we know better. You get a lot of things right, so journal about those. You might also return to those topics when you do improve on them, and journal about the improvements. This is life’s natural way: first the doing; then the improving.

Remove distractions. If there was music playing while I was writing, I would have a difficult time focusing my thought. What distracts you? Get it away from your workspace so your brilliance can shine. It isn’t about just staying busy. It’s about doing what you do as well as possible.

Work breaks are mandatory. Unless you won the Disciplined Worker of the Year award, you cannot push yourself into great productivity hour after hour. You need a break to refresh and renew yourself. Go stand at the doorway and do deep breathing. Pet your dog or cat. Read a chapter of your novel. Go get a drink of water. You’ll come back much more inspired.

If your task frightens you. If you are working on that one awful task that just plain scares you, become conscious of your breathing. Several deep breaths while working can disappear fear. Even if you have a serious deadline, your breathing will eliminate the fear and help you achieve that deadline. Tell yourself as you do deep breathing: “I can do this!”

Why think you have to suffer? I hope that all my readers are now fully involved in making creative choices in their lives. I hope that you are deciding what you will have or won’t have. If you think being overwhelmed is part of the game, you will suffer, so I’d recommend a more stately and slower pace throughout life. One steady choice after another will get you there.

Meditate. Being reflective in the quiet helps you stay on track with your destiny and the steps required to get there. What do you need to do today? Think that through first and then the doing becomes easier. Also, if you can’t do it yourself, consider asking for help. Meditate about that first too, and see who or how you can get some help.

Insert joy whenever possible. Think about two minutes of joy every time you grant yourself a break in your productivity. What a wonderful refresher. Bring that joy back to your tasks and you will not feel overwhelmed or overworked. Simply looking back at the work you’ve accomplished can insert joy.

Generosity generates. Life isn’t only about work and productivity. Find ways to be generous that doesn’t necessarily involve money gifting. Read to the sick in hospitals. Give your wife a break from childcare. Buy the coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. Volunteer for community events. Think of this: what can you do right where you are that would make your world a better place if you do something for another?

Socialize in person. When you are out and about, look people in the face and, at a minimum, nod your head or smile at them. This means you’d have to quit looking at your phone.
I know you’re busy. I know you’re an achiever. I am, too. I always weave in down time though. I’ve found it only allows me to be more productive. I focus on the most important things and so can you.

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Soufra Daimeh and Maria Khalifé are synonymous in the Middle East with flavor, inventiveness, and fun. Her magazine Soufra Daimeh and her cookbooks continuously inspire women.

Going beyond her television and radio career, she expanded her life purpose to include helping others to live a masterful, successful life led by her own example and accomplishments. In 2008, she created The Change Coaching Institute (CCI). At CCI, those who wish to accelerate their growth on The Path, or to foster a new career for themselves by becoming a Change Coach, learn universal, spiritual principles to reach maximum potential through the discovery of a true dynamic and authentic self. http://www.changecoachinginstitute.com