Do you think that you are too big to exercise? Maybe movement is a problem for you, or you just hate exercise. Water aerobics is the answer for you because it eliminates the obstacles that keep you from exercising.

Possible obstacles to exercise:

  • inability to walk very far without becoming winded or experiencing swelling
  • pressure on joints
  • chafing when walking
  • fear of falling
  • exercise equipment too flimsy or awkward
  • excessive sweating
  • couch potato mindset

There are specific advantages to exercising in the water.

  1. The water is buoyant and reduces the stress on your joints, especially your hips and knees. You can work at a higher level in the water. You will not be limited to no impact or low impact as you are on land but can work at a moderate intensity in the water.
  2. The hydrostatic pressure of the water will reduce swelling and increase circulation.
  3. Typically the water has a cooling effect and eliminates excessive sweating.
  4. Larger adults may be self-conscious of their size and how they look. Being in the water covers you up and hides the body.
  5. If you use an outdoor pool the setting is very pleasurable.
  6. The fear of falling is eliminated.
  7. You have more movement possibilities in the water because of changes in gravity and because of the buoyancy of the water.
  8. Often, larger adults may become isolated and water exercise enables them to be more social. You can work out and maintain a conversation without difficulty.
  9. Duration and intensity can be higher than on land for quicker results.

If you choose to give a water workout a try there are some special considerations you may want to keep in mind.

When getting into the pool, always go down the steps backwards while holding on to the railing at the steps. This reduces the possibility of slipping and falling as you enter the pool. If you do fall, chances are you will fall backwards, i.e., into the water, so you will not be injured.

If you are uncomfortable about wearing a bathing suit, most pools allow you to wear shorts and a t-shirt or some kind of cover up over your suit. Don't let this be a reason for you not to go.

Try to locate a gym or a swimming pool designated for women only or for men only or find out if there are certain hours or days when the pool is segregated. This may help you overcome your self-consciousness about being seen in a bathing suit.

Be sure to wear shoes, both on deck and in the water. On deck it will prevent you from slipping in water on your way to the pool and in the water it will prevent the bottom of your feet from getting scraped on the bottom of the pool.

If you look at any video of others doing water aerobics, you'll notice that everyone wears shoes, no matter what their size.

You may feel very heavy as you leave the pool the first few times you participate. This is normal, but leave the pool slowly.

There are so many that can all be yours if you'll give water aerobics a try.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn is a retired accounting professional who has discovered a passion for website building. She is combining that with her desire to help others who also face, or have overcome, the struggle of compulsive overeating. She used to be someone who hated exercise and now has given herself the nickname "water aerobics diva".
She enjoys reading, especially Elvis Cole or Harry Bosch mysteries, and spends lots of time with her two grandsons, Luke and Jake.
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