We all want a toned body. I’m a woman and I know how self-conscious I get in a suit sometimes. The last thing a guy wants to hear is us whine about our body shape all day. I know a way to eliminate our complaints. Eat healthy and workout! I know it’s easier said than done but I’m willing to stick with it if it means building my self-esteem along with building my muscles.

I find that I have the hardest time toning my stomach. Why is that? The best workout I have had yet is done with two people. I did gymnastics all growing up and this is the best thing I have ever done for my abs. I’m sure you’ve tried or heard of it before. What you do is lay down on your back. Lift your legs to a pike position and have your partner stand facing your body with their feet at your shoulders. What happens is you bring your piked legs over your head to where your partner is standing. They push your feet and your legs will be forced down to the ground so you are in lying down position. The hard part is to NOT let your legs actually touch the ground. Just when they are about to touch the ground bring them back up to above your head and your partner will push your feet again. Remember to keep your legs together and remain in pike position! Do a set of 25 then switch turns. It will get harder and harder and I promise you will feel and see a difference.


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