If you have fallen into the routine of life, or find it to be a chore, you have fallen asleep to the preciousness that every moment in life is. It is a great phenomena that we are all living in this physical reality, with a body, an identity, and we have people who we love and are connected with. Every moment should be cherished and precious to us, every hug, every kiss, every moment of eye contact we have with another, those should all be moments we cherish.

We never know when our lives here on Earth are going to end, or when the dream is over. It could happen any time. That is the truth of it, even if we are super careful and don't do dangerous things. You never know when your life or the life of one you love is going to be cut short.

So treat each moment in life as the precious gift that it is, even if you are in routine or doing daily tasks like work, chores and other necessary things in life. Never forget that it is a miracle that you are even here to enjoy this moment, this breath, and this experience called human life on Earth. It is a privilege to be here, a gift that you have been given, and something you have given yourself. You chose to be here, even though you can leave any time you want if you really want to. Honor that choice.

Living in the recognition of every moment as being a precious moment in the dream that life is, this is what it means to live your life as a master, an angel, or an enlightened being. Even an unpleasant moment might be better than being dead, right? So awaken to what you really are, consciousness that is given the gift of being in the dream that life on Earth is, and recognize it as the rare and beautiful opportunity that it is even if you have to wash the dishes right now!

There is a saying, "Before I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water. After I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water." All that changes is how you feel about your life and how you embrace it and pay attention to the moments that pass, nothing more. You still have your chores, and there is probably no glamorous end to your housework. What changes is that you realize yourself as more than a human going through the motions in life, and you awaken to the magic that is in every moment, even the moments that might seem mundane. That is what changes. It is your perception of things that makes them magical or not magical.
May all beings live with the realization that every moment in life is precious, and that it is a blessing and a gift to be awake in a human form in this life. This gift is not to be taken for granted.

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