We are hugely excited to announce that Hir Infotech now provides a Managed Linkedin Lead generation service. That guarantees B2B organizations 200–250 warm introductions to pre-qualified buyers on Linkedin, within 60 days.

Proactively building a pipeline of qualified prospects is a key driver of your company’s growth, but it’s a complex and tedious process. We simplify prospecting for you by giving you the results – meetings with your ideal customers – without any of the work and at a fraction of the cost.

Why a Linkedin Lead Generation Service?

We’ve increasingly seen that many B2B businesses come to us because they’ve struggled to generate leads. There are lots of reasons for this. But often, its because they’ve committed to lead generation strategies that either don’t work — or don’t work well (or quickly) enough.

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Let’s have a look at the typical B2B lead generation strategies. And their weaknesses:

Content marketing:

Nowadays, everyone is blogging — there is too much content out there for your posts to be found by your buyers. Furthermore, content marketing is a vast time investment: 4–5 hrs to research, write, and publish a new post, only to find no-one reads or shares it.

Pay-per-click (Google/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram):

PPC on these networks is a helpful way to get your organization in front of target buyers. However, the problem is that they are terrible at targeting Business professionals.


SEO takes a long time to show success — often up to six months. Also, you are at the mercy of the quarterly Google algorithm updates. One moment you can be in the ‘Top 10’ search results for a critical term. The next moment, Google will have dropped your page to the sixth page.

Cold email outreach:

It’s getting increasingly harder to do cold email at scale because of GDPR and inboxes getting better at catching spam.

Cold calling & telemarketing:

Unless you’re Grant Cardone, then it’s a numbers game. Burning through lists of unqualified prospects that have shown no initial interest in your product is no way to build a pipeline for your sales team.

Why is LinkedIn best for B2B lead generation?

All the above methods are adequate, but they simply don’t work as quickly as direct outreach on LinkedIn.

Linkedin is home to 575 million+ professionals — 49% of which are decision-makers with a budget. Imagine that: 575 million people just sitting there ready to learn about your product or service. A captive audience with money. Better yet, you can use Linkedin to filter down those people to find exactly the right people at the right companies that match your Ideal Customer Profile.

Compare that to all the other ways you’ve been using to find new B2B leads. LinkedIn is by far the easiest way to find and engage with your target buyers.

You just need a system to:
1) Identify Prospects/ Ideal Customers
2) Engage with Your Prospect
3) Close Deals – Learn, Rinse, Repeat

You need to Manage Linkedin lead generation service.

How does the Linkedin lead generation service work?

First, we use a questionnaire and a Skype call to work with you to help you design/create the attributes of your ideal customer.

Based on these attributes, we compile a prospect list of your ideal customer using LinkedIn’s search features based on:

• Job Titles
• Industries
• Company Size
• Company Name
• Location
• Keywords
• Decision Maker
• Experience

Secondly, with the ideal customer prospect list. our campaign managers connect with prospects. Then initiate strategic conversations with them using personalized pre-approved messages about your product/service.

Finally, when they make an explicit expression of interest to learn more about your product or service (i.e. become a lead). we add you to the conversation to follow up.

An account manager will work daily on your behalf to personalized invite and introduce your service, product, brand, offers and increase reputation with the prospects.

What results does the Linkedin lead generation service guarantee?

We have already generated over 3,000 accepted leads, with 1.2M revenue generate.

In short, it works and we look forward to showing you how your own organization can get 200–250 leads within 45 days, using our Linkedin Lead Generation Service.

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