In previous articles, I’ve tried to educate you on what bacteria and viruses really are and what they do so that you’re not so scared of them. I’ve done this because antibiotics, antiviral medications and vaccinations all have major downsides and side effects that you’ll want to avoid if you want to become truly healthy.

The issue of vaccination is a huge one and I won’t be attempting to cover it in detail here, but I want to give you a brief introduction in case you’re unaware of these facts. First, vaccines are not very well tested. Drug makers typically create a vaccine, give it a very short trial, and then begin injecting it into all children of a certain age group. When all children receive a vaccine, there is no control group to compare them with, so we can’t really tell if the vaccine was safe or effective or not. One would think that a drug that was to be given to an entire population of children would have to be studied for years, but the drug companies are completely shielded from lawsuits by the federal government, so they apparently don’t feel the need to thoroughly test the shots. In other words, your kids are the guinea pigs in this massive, ongoing experiment and no one is monitoring the results.

Second, all vaccines contain toxins. Until very recently, many childhood vaccines contained thimerosal, a chemical that’s about half mercury by weight. Mercury is one of the most toxic things on earth. It causes auto immune reactions, destroys nerve cells and it’s been firmly linked to autism, though the drug makers and the federal government still deny this fact. Many vaccines contain aluminum and many others contain formaldehyde. All vaccines contain at least one of these toxins; many contain two or more. Aluminum is linked with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. The polio shot is grown on monkey kidney cells that contain all sorts of wild monkey viruses. One of these, SV40, has been linked with cancer and is likely in polio shots to this day. All these toxins wreak havoc in the body. Other problems commonly associated with vaccines include Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a type of paralysis similar to polio), encephalopathy (brain swelling), and sudden infant death syndrome.

Many vaccines are completely unnecessary. There have been no cases of polio in the U.S. for decades other than the cases that are caused by the vaccine itself. Chickenpox is usually a mild self-limiting disease of childhood. Same with measles, mumps and rubella. Diphtheria can be cured with antibiotics. HPV can be prevented with condoms. Hepatitis B is rare and generally found in prostitutes, prisoners and IV drug users. With most of these diseases, once you’ve had the disease, you have immunity for life. This is not the case with the vaccine, however. As you know, booster shots are required.

And finally, there is great debate about whether vaccines are even effective against the diseases they are designed to prevent. Vaccines are given credit for wiping out smallpox and polio, but when one actually looks at the statistics, these diseases were on the decline long before the vaccines ever came out. Once people started receiving the shots, the number of cases spiked to a new all time high. When the vaccines started to be rejected because of this fact, the diseases went back into their former decline pattern and eventually went the way of the dodo. Measles and pertussis (whooping cough) make occasional comebacks, but around half of those cases occur in fully vaccinated individuals. In fact, the vaccine effort seems to have either created more virulent germs or weaker immune systems as these diseases are actually getting worse over time. And in case you’re wondering, the flu shot is a vaccine. It contains mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. Statistically, it’s of very little help to adults, no help to children under two and no help to seniors over 65.

This is a very brief introduction into the issue of vaccination. We will likely be touching on certain aspects of this story in more detail in future articles, but if you have children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren who are of vaccinating age, I highly recommend that you do some research to find out what chemicals your doctor is wanting to inject into your loved one’s body. Don’t expect your pediatrician to warn you of these dangers. It’s likely that they don’t even know them themselves or that they have been trained in what to say (and think) by the drug company reps who supply them with the vaccines.

By the way, there are waivers in every state to allow unvaccinated children into school. You just have to know who to ask for them.

If you want more information on this important issue, my book, "Thugs, Drugs and the War On Bugs" contains a lengthy, well-researched and heavily referenced section (3+ chapters) on vaccines.

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