Empowerment's in Trusting… God doesn't give you the people you want... God gives you the people you NEED... To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you... and to make you into the person you were meant to be.” (Taken from one of the many emails I receive)

Have you ever noticed that whether it is in your immediate circle of friends, at work or just going through life’s everyday events you tend to find yourself attracting the same types of people into your life?

Sometimes it can be a very good experience. Other times it can be an irritating, frustrating and rage-making one. If you take a step back and really look at these people you will often see a similarity between them and one of your nuclear or extended family members.

Occasionally you may see a mirror of yourself. If it is a good reflection it is to remind you of a characteristic you have that needs to be appreciated or celebrated. If it is a reflection of a characteristic you have been denying or overlooking in yourself, it may need to be recognized, accepted and if necessary, changed. It may also indicate a time to change how you communicate or handle conflict.

And what if “we” (individually or collectively) decide we aren't ready to change? If “we” just continue ignoring it? Or “we” are just too addicted to the drama to give it up just yet?

“We” will keep attracting similar characters and situations into our lives that push our buttons until the light comes on...until "we" make a conscious change that allows “us” to look at our lives in a different way in which "we" see the roles played by the people in it from a totally new perspective.

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