How could you often learn to speak Japanese for your job or any other business that weighs heavy to you? Maybe you have thought about this wuestion for quite a few times, but never think you should find some more excellet methods to help you learn Japanese. Probabaly you think alll the learning methods are the same, the point is how you can make full use of the way or ways you have grasped. That's correct. But if you work out more excellet methods, how dare you drop off such ways and choose those old inefficient ones? So in my opinion the best way is to work out one more efficient way or several more efficient ways to go on learning and make full use of this one or such ways after then. Now let's tackle this problem.

Speaking needs vocabulary and understandable pronunciation, so you have to remember enough Japanese vocabulary and gain the correct pronunciation at the same time. Remembering vocabulary is always painstaking but ineffective, but using the unique Rosetta Stone Japanese, you can solve this puzzle easiy and quickly. Once you insert this software into your computer, you will see the pictures of the vocabulary which tell you indirectly the meanings of the Japanese words you have to read by heart. This is the interactive way of learning, differing largely from that you usually hold a textbook reading repetitively aloud such Japanese words. You just need to click your mouse and then you know the meanings of some certain words. And also this software tells you the standard pronuncition of the Japanese vocabulary too. You just repeat and learn to utter such words yourself.

But only knowing vocabulary and pronunciation, you will never speak Japanese well, you need to practice speaking with proper grammar embeded. This time you can choose to go to a language learning university where Japanese natives and the Japanese major students often gather to speak Japanese. Once you are there, you need to begin your talk with such guys. The beginners usually have the problems of arranging topics to continue their chats. So you had better choose some topics and prepare something for them and then go there, at least this way can gain you confidence to speak this language, for you have prepared something. While talking with others, you should first listen to others speaking and show your repect by nodding and then speak out what locates in your mind. My reminder for you is that you should exert to use all the vocabulary you have learned so far and speak slowly with the correct pronunciation Rosetta Stone Japanese has told you. Certaily this is not enough at all! What else should you do? You have to make your brain work fast and think of new questions so that you can catch up with others and share more ideas which may sometimes impress your listeners. In fact, if you are afraid of speaking with others in the beginning, you can choose to use the virtual conversations in Rosetta Stone Japanese to practice speaking too. Even though this interactive way is no comparison to speaking with people, it is the way that suits you who have uneasy feeling while talking with others.

Finally I should address going abroad to practice speaking Japanese. Speaking with natives people is obviously the best way to learn Japanese, why not visit to Japan and speak with people around you? They will not only teach you how to speak, but also how to speak Japanese wisely with Japanese culture in it. If it is the one you pursue?

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