If you have never spent time around an older person then that is something that you should probably schedule some time to do. Listen to their stories and their regrets, listen to their loves and their hates, and last but not least listen to their mistakes. I spent some time talking to elderly people and one of the things that they all seemed to stress was to take advantage of your youth. To make the most out of your years because before you know it, those years are behind you and all your left to look at is the end. Your life is a movie that part is guaranteed, but what genre it falls into is completely up to you.

Will it be an uplifting drama where you persist through all of the negativity of the people and situations around you and fight to make it to the top filled with happiness at the end of the movie? Will it be a horror movie where you dreams are killed or die of starvation slowly twisting you into a monster that goes out killing other people’s dreams? Will your dream be a tragedy as you fight for it only to give up right before your breakthrough and slowly fall into the void of mediocrity?

Life is short but at the same time it’s one of the longest events you will ever have to endure. The painful part of it is every second you lose is lost; you can’t get that time back. Focus on your dreams, plan them out and begin to act on that plan, wasting another second on something trivial or unproductive is like slowly signing a contract with defeat. Before every decision consider whether or not this is something you can live with, would you rather be old saying I wish I wouldn’t have done that, or I wish I did. Life is too short to hesitate, but long enough to regret.

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Author's Bio: 

Patrick Irvine is a young man on a quest for wisdom, with a burning desire to share what has been learned thus far. After serving 6 years in the Air Force Active duty, he published his first book and started a Leadership/ Management Consulting Firm. Shortly there after he began to travel as a Motivational Youth Speaker, where he shares the message of responsibility and positive thinking.