I put a tweet out recently and asked what people thought of people who write memoirs who weren’t famous. I got one reply and the commenter basically said they were people full of self importance. Fortunately, I don’t always listen to what people say and so am writing mine anyway, just because I can. I don’t believe it’s about self importance, it’s about formalizing an account of events.

As human beings, there are just some things we need to do… experience things for ourselves, learn from our mistakes, love and be loved, fail and succeed etc etc. But there’s one thing we all need and that is a witness to our lives which is why I believe we marry or have relationships. We need someone else, other than ourselves to witness our actions, our events and our experiences. Someone to say wow you did well, or you suck or just I love you.

Well, not everyone is fortunate to have a partner for that and so we rely on family, friends and acquaintances. I am such a person. And this is my way of having others, other than my family and close friends witness my life.

So, I’m starting at the beginning. This is my online diary and I need to do a bit of catch up because I’m already 51 and a lot has happened so far. So I’ve created Mudpies to Marketing as my life journal.

I originally created a page on facebook for this, but I am finding managing all the Facebook pages just a bit onerous, so it’s all consolidated here on my website and fed into the wall on both my personal and business facebook accounts. There’s a tab on my facebook business page VLH Enterprises called Mudpies to Marketing where you can click the respective era and link through to the post. If the image pops out, it means it’s linked to a post. You can also follow the image links on this website from the Mudpies Page from the top nav menu. You can also follow it on here from the Mudpies to Marketing link above in the menu.

I’m tracking back to the beginning and will try to post weekly, although I won’t promise that since I have so many things to do on a week-to-week basis and you have to be in the right frame of mind to do something like this and remember what happened all those years ago.

I’m also going to use audio to record the accounts because I talk much more freely than I write so once the story actually starts, which is post 3, there will be an audio podcast to accompany it.

This is literally, as I remember it and so each post may have additions to it because I’ll remember something else significant I want to record. I also compiled a selection of photographs for my 50th birthday which we played, as a slide show on the day and amongst those photos is a multitude of memories I plan to draw on. It’s a work in progress.

I have had and am continuing to have a wonderful life. It has had it’s share of misfortunes, sadness and loss, just as anyone else’s has, but everything that has happened has been for a very good reason, albeit not obvious at the time.

I have finally reached a point where I can say that every day I wake up and get to do what I love and what comes naturally to me. My interests and hobbies are my passion and my profession and everything I have learnt, whether through another source or self-taught is now a skill I can sell and so I get to work from home in a rural town where the stress is minimal and the lifestyle beautiful.

The first part of the story is history, then comes the know how, and if you care to take the time to read, you’ll see that anything is possible if you believe it to be so.

So as Nora Jones would say, come away with me.

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