Dieting to lose weight can be the most frustrating thing a person can do. 95-98% of all dieters fail to either lose weight, or to keep it off! Diets don’t work, and doctors who insist the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more, are actually giving their patients WRONG and CONTRADITORY information.

Take a look at your doctor’s weight before you assume that he or she knows what they are recommending to you! Let’s assume that they never learned about nutrition in medical school, because there isn’t an emphasis on eating for health, or even for weight management. That may be part of the reason that doctors are overweight, and why the numbers of obese people are growing larger (pardon the pun). It’s actually a pretty complex field of study, and there doesn’t seem to be an answer that fits EVERYONE.

But let’s look at the facts that we DO know. This rule works all throughout the entire animal kingdom; not just with humans. When you eat less, as in a diet, your body “realizes” that it’s getting fewer calories. In order to preserve your life, and prevent you from starving, an automatic mechanism slows down your metabolism. The less you eat, the slower your metabolism becomes. And that refers, not just to digesting and storing or burning fats, but it also relates to your energy levels.

That’s the other part of this self-correcting system. It’s the part where your doctor says: Exercise more. This self-correcting automatic system wants to keep your body within a couple of pounds constantly. It’s like a thermostat that will turn up the heat when it gets cold in your house, or turn on the a/c when it gets too hot. Your body will respond by making you feel lethargic, unmotivated, lazy when you under-eat! And no, it’s NOT your fault! You CAN’T fight it! It’s an automatic system. And if you try to fight Mother Nature, you make yourself even more stressed. Chronic stress from under-eating, over-exercising and feeling lousy about yourself creates biochemical changes in your body that affect all systems. It’s not just about a diet anymore; it’s about survival, because your cardiovascular system along with every other cell in your body is affected by this conflict between your autonomic nervous system and your conscious desire to lose weight. Which one do you think will win?

I’m siding with Mother Nature. The best way to “win” the diet conflict is NOT to diet! Remember, when you restrict your caloric intake, you are going to slow down your ability to lose weight! It’s like banging your head against a wall to get rid of a headache!

So what can you do if you want to lose weight? EAT until you are satiated! In fact, eat MORE than you need; especially if you have been constantly telling yourself: “I shouldn’t eat this, or that”! Because when you’ve eaten MORE than your fill, your body will “learn” that it’s NOT being starved, and in order to maintain your weight at that homeostatic level, it will give you MORE energy, so you’ll WANT (even subconsciously) to get moving! Your mood will improve, your brain fog will clear, you’ll start sleeping better! Your stress level will drop. When your body is working as nature intends, your weight seems to adjust as by magic. That’s when you are working with Mother Nature, and not fighting yourself.

Your body is part of a three part system made up of your mind, emotions and body. When all of the parts are in alignment, that is when the system works, life is good and you have optimum health and weight!

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