To increase sales at highly-profitable margins, you must connect with your most profitable target audiences. Better yet, they must connect to with you. You see, it's their choice whether or not to do business with you. However, it's your job to consistently tell them how you benefit them and why they should, in fact, choose to pay for your products and services.

One of the best ways to do this is speaking in front of an audience made up of your prospects. It offers you so many advantages, such as demonstrating your expertise, skills, and even your personality. All of these are judged as you stand before your audience. As a result, some people may think you know what you're talking about but don't have a need for your services at the time. Others may not make a connection at all. Still others will connect so strongly that they feel as if they have already established a relationship with you.

Let me tell you a little story; I think you'll find it relevant. I am a huge fan of the rock and blues guitarist, Eric Clapton. I have been to 29 of his concerts, including a private concert for only 250 people. And I have just about every album he has created. Over the years, he and I have developed a relationship ... an extremely strong relationship. The thing is ... he doesn't know it. In fact, he doesn't know I exist. But that doesn't matter.

All that matters is that I believe that there is a relationship. (No, this does not go to the point of being a stalker. At least I don't think so.) I believe there is a powerful connection. So, of all the musicians in the world, he is the one on whom I will spend the most money and time. Yet all Eric has to do is perform.

Another advantage he has by performing is that he reaches millions of people. Just think of the economies of scale that provides. And that's what speaking in front of an audience offers you -- an economy of scale. Okay, you may not be in front of millions of people, but you could be in front of dozens, if not hundreds. You stand a far better chance of connecting with larger numbers of prospects than you would if you were cold-calling or marketing to smaller numbers.

So how can you address your profitable target audiences? How can you best showcase your expertise? How can you demonstrate your ability to help others accomplish whatever it is they need or want to do? How can you gain exposure in a way that offers others the opportunity to make a connection with you? Determine how you can present to an audience made up of your prospects and deliver information that is pertinent to them. You may never gain the status of a rock star, but you just might be recognized by some as the expert in your field. As a result, you'll have prospects coming to you, eager to pay for your products and services.

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