A client came to me recently saying that she had several big goals she wanted to achieve in a short period of time - including increasing her income substantially. We brainstormed several ideas and worked out a strategy she could begin to implement right away to attract more clients and ramp up her income.
Her strategy included actions such as:
• contacting former clients with a special offer
• giving a talk or a teleseminar once a week
• offering regular workshops
• creating a workbook and audio program so she could earn passive income
• approaching well connected people in her market to get introduced and interviewed
My client had passion, enthusiasm, expertise and a great plan. She was willing to invest her time and effort and do the work she needed to. She knew what she wanted: recognition as the go-to person in her field, more of the ideal clients that she loved to work with, and a specific amount of income.
And yet, she was hesitating. Something was stopping her from stepping up in a bigger way. She thought she was ready to take action, but she started procrastinating. Has that ever happened to you?
You see, most people have the creative process reversed. They believe that if they ‘have’ something (more, time, love, money, resources), then they be able to ‘do’ what they really want (travel, buy a home or new car, write a book, find love), and as a result they will ‘be’ (happier, more peaceful or contented, richer, wiser, in love). They want to have, so they can do, and then they’ll be.

The process actually works in reverse. In business you need to first BE the person in your mind who is a leader in her field, who delivers compelling content to her target audience, or who is earning a six-figure income – whatever your dream goals would be.

It all starts in your mind. Your thoughts are constantly creating your beliefs about what you think is possible. You need to have a clear picture of who you need to BE in order to attract what you most want. Then, you need to act or DO from that place – that future place where you already have what you want.

For example, if you decide you’re going to be a six-figure business owner, you need to start thinking, acting, making decisions, and moving through life as a high-earning person would.

Then, take the actions and DO the work so that you will HAVE what you want. Do things from the place of “beingness”.

For my client, we worked on shifting her mindset from being an underearner to acknowledging herself as a high earner. We also worked on her confidence and her belief in herself - who she was being. Once she acknowledged who she could be as a confident, wealthy business owner, she was able to take massive action and increase her income quickly. Everything started to fall into place.
The “Be – Do – Have Principle” can transform your life and your business. It’s not a question of what you’re doing – it’s all about who you’re being. You can start your creative process in motion right now by being the person that you really want to be - then you’ll end up having everything you really want.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Marie Dore is the founder of Femalepreneurs.com a coaching and training company dedicated to teaching women how to consistently attract more clients, make more money, and have more freedom in their business. For marketing and sales strategies to turn your expertise into profitable new income streams and build a solo business with a global reach, visit http://www.femalepreneurs.com