Fresh ginger is an excellent antioxidant; therefore, it's a cool protector against various diseases, including infection, i.e. virus.

However, it is quite pungent and spicy, so it's not very pleasant to eat it raw. As a result, people prefer whether to skip ginger or to cook it.

But is there any way to enjoy ginger fresh?
Yes, it is!

Ginger Dessert Recipe

Every day I have three big spoons of the raw ginger dessert at the end of my breakfast, and this is my recipe.

For three big spoons of the dessert from raw ginger, you need the following ingredients:

Ginger: about 2,5 cm
Lime: 1/2
Liquid honey: about two small spoons

1. Cut a piece from the ginger root ( the length depends on root thickness) and cut half the lime.

2. Wash the ginger and the lime.

3. Peel the ginger and cut the lime on four smaller pieces

4. Cut the ginger on the tiny pieces.

5. Fill a big spoon with ginger, moisten it with lime juice and squeeze a small portion of honey on it.

You can eat it plain, with turmeric or cinnamon.

It's not only super healthy, but it's super enjoyable too!

And, by the way, lime and honey are great staff to boost your defence mechanism as well.

Stay healthy!

A tip:
Cut the lime peels, which were left, on the smaller portions and add them into a cup of your coffee or tea. Cover the cup and let it brew for 2-3 minutes.

Squeeze the fourth piece of the lime into the same drink. You will get great taste there.

As a result, you will delight a pleasant fresh taste of the extra antioxidant and vitamin C.

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Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:
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