WordPress hardly takes 5 minutes to install and starting your own blog using WordPress is the matter of minutes. But what steps one have to take after the installation of this amazing CMS? Many bloggers don't take necessary steps to improve the efficiency of their blogs after the installation of WordPress.Ignoring these crucial steps might not have any adverse affects on your blog or website but if you follow these steps they will surely benefit you in the long run.

So here is a roadmap that explains the various steps you must take after installing WordPress and before starting your blog:
Boost Your Website Security

After you finish installing WordPress, WordPress generates a default username 'admin'. To boost the security of your blog you must make sure that you change the default username as hackers uses this username first. You also get a randomly generated password with the default account, so you must change that password immediately with the one that you can remember.
Remove Default Content

When you are finish with the WordPress installation, remember WordPress comes with a bit of “sample” content that is totally unnecessary for you. So it is very important that you get rid of it. Removing the sample content, links and pages is quite easy and you can remove them through setting menu.

Install the Essential WordPress Plugins

For smooth functioning of your WordPress website and blog it is essential to add few important plugins and themes. Plugins are very crucial to add features and functionalities to your blogs and WordPress library consists of thousand and plugins to choose from. Some plugins are very essential for every blog, so it's better that you have them on your website like akismet, All in one SEO pack and Google analytics plugin. Rest you can choose various free and premium plugins from the WordPress library according to your needs and requirements.

Make your Blog Category

WordPress provides you with a default category known as 'Uncategorized'. It is better if you delete this category and create categories which suit your needs. When you add category in WordPress it will create category links on your navigation bar automatically.

Site Visibility

As you all know search engine plays a major role in the success of your website and blog, it is very crucial that search engines can crawl and index your blogs easily. So, the first thing you must do to allow search engines read your content is to allow crawlers on your blog by clicking over the setting menu and hit allow search engine to index this site.

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