So often it’s too easy to criticize one’s own behaviour, words or lack of doing this, that or the other. How often do we set ourselves up to be disappointed with ourselves? For instance the New Year resolutions, where we promise ourselves and others to ’better‘ ourselves in certain areas, like stopping smoking, dieting, eating healthier, living a healthier life etc.

Why do we feel we have to do this? It is ourselves, or the people around us, or is it society in general demanding a conformist behaviour?

Well, it’s up to you to decide what you want and to make that decision from your heart and intuition about what is right for you. No one else can make that decision for you because they are not you, nor do they know how you feel and what is important to you.

This is very much about having an initial idea about what you want, or if you don’t yet have that idea, to make time to go over it before making a decision. Remember that you are no better or worse than the next person if you decide not to follow the flow of what everyone else is doing.

It takes courage to be yourself and stand by what you believe is right. Eventually others will start respecting your decisions and even follow you. By standing by yourself you also create peace and self-worth.

You are at peace with yourself and you do not suffer self-reproach for not losing enough weight or not completely stopping smoking. You do what is right for you, you decide not to put yourself through that rigmarole.

You stay content with your decision.

Author's Bio: 

Agustina Thorgilsson, an expert in industrial psychology, began her career in 1979 as a consultant for internal affairs, communication and human resources development (HRD) with AB Volvo in Sweden. In 1988 she became the director for the Institute of Management Training, a division set up by the Ministry of Finance servicing all of Iceland’s public sector. She later founded a management training company that advised both public and private sectors on strategy, management and HRD issues, before completing a Masters degree in clinical psychology which led to the founding of Life-Navigation in 2005. Agustina’s vision is to help making the world a better place by showing people how to transcend even the most difficult life-experiences individuals can possibly encounter and move towards peace as a race. She had learned to use her intuition, insights and little used old knowledge known to man. By tapping into this endless reservoir of information and understanding clinical psychology, the evolution of the Life-Navigation System began. Agustina’s successes have shown that Life-Navigation makes an enormous difference.