TMS Therapy in Tampa at the Florida TMS Clinic brings you a redefined and ‘never before’ experience of TMS therapy. Florida TMS Clinic provides the newest innovation for their patients with navigated rTMS, navigated iTBS, and accelerated TMS. Florida TMS Clinic TMS Therapy Florida TMS Clinic TMS Therapy

August 2020:

Over the years, it has been proven that depression is a treatable condition with what have become standard treatments such as medications and talk therapy (psychotherapy). Unfortunately, these ‘standard treatments’ don’t always work depending on the severity of symptoms and has led to the introduction of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, what most people know as TMS therapy. TMS Therapy is provided and administered by professionals and is why Florida TMS Clinic remains the only provider of

navigated TMS in the Tampa Bay Area. Florida_TMS_Clinic_(1)-2880w_2-2880w

Florida TMS Clinic offers TMS Therapy which is an FDA cleared proven treatment for depression and OCD, but also used for other mental health illnesses including PTSD, Anxiety and Bipolar disorder WITHOUT the need for any drug treatment. They provide the newest innovation to their patient with navigated rTMS, navigated iTBS, and accelerated TMS. Their patients have immediate access to the most up-to-date authenticated treatment options in the Tampa Bay Area. “Here at Florida TMS Clinic, we approach your care with a balanced mindset. You are unique in your circumstances and your treatment plan should be individualized accordingly. We aim to provide the best TMS therapy to our patients using the latest TMS medical technology. Our patients become our extended family. You will never be just another patient from the moment you walk through our door until long-after receiving TMS therapy.” Says Dr Bowarshi Florida TMS Clinic has achieved a high success rate with accelerated TMS and TMS Therapy. TMS research had shown great results, especially when compared with the low success of medications. While medications and psychotherapy are often necessary, many people cannot tolerate the side effects of medications. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) remains the most technologically advanced form of treatment for depression and anxiety. Recent studies have made it obvious that the future of TMS will continue to evolve. The future is holding great promise in neuro-navigated TMS. Florida TMS Clinic has the best TMS technologies in the greater Tampa area and they are currently the first and only TMS clinic in the Tampa Bay area that provides navigated rTMS (repetitive) and navigated iTBS (intermittent Theta Burst TMS). For more information, please visit

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