A common misconception among many people is that the news media, including newspapers, radio, and TV, is fair and objective and will report to them anything and everything that they should know about. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that it takes lots of money to own a news media entity, that is to say, their owners are wealthy, and, naturally, wealthy people hire journalists and newscasters who support their interests.

The interests of the wealthy include implementation and maintenance of a stable environment where they pay little or no taxes and thus get richer. For whatever reason, and perhaps rightly, aliens -intelligent beings from other planets- are and have always been perceived as the greatest threat to that stable environment. Thus, it is not surprising that the media has turned their propaganda machine against aliens. For many decades now, the public has been regularly bombarded with every quack (easily falsifiable or unprovable) theory there is about aliens, including quite a few UFO photos and abduction stories, all in an effort to fully discredit aliens. Meanwhile, genuinely strong arguments for aliens, like the Tiwanaku drawings of an aquatic creature inside a helmeted spacesuit, will never see the light of day in any media outlet.

Aliens have been so heavily discredited by the media that the current outlook for them is bleak. Indeed, the situation is now so bad that a huge alien spacecraft could come to rest a few feet above the White House and it might be successfully explained away as a secret experiment to protect the president. It seems nothing can be done to convince anybody that aliens exist. Even the scientific community has been engulfed by the media blitz. Thus, no archaeologist is likely to ever express what he might think: Hey, those Tiwanaku drawing really do look like an alien, plus they explain the Nazca Lines. Such a comment might lead to the rapid termination of an archaeology career.

While aliens remain public enemy number 1, they are not perceived as the only threat to low taxation rates for the rich. In my country, the United States, for example, another threat comes by way of politicians who are open to tax increases, and the media has turned their wrath against them as well. Thus, in the congressional elections of 2010, we find that the country's elderly and poor flocked to the polls by the millions to vote for politicians that promised to privatize social security, to cut Medicare benefits and health care programs, to cut food stamps, and to reduce unemployment benefits and every other type of benefit for the less fortunate, all for the purpose of helping to pay for continued and expanded tax reductions for the country's billionaires.

I'm sure the elderly and poor of that country will tell you that they used their judgment in making their voting decisions and will never admit to being duped. The brainwashing techniques employed by the media are extremely subtle and it takes an expert to detect them. I will give you an example. In a rare (very rare) occasion that I was exposed to TV last year, I noticed that a major news network was running the following poll: Do you believe that Barrack Obama is the Antichrist? Of course, a responsible and respectable national news network has no business running a poll like that especially considering that there is no hard evidence that the Antichrist is alive in contemporary times let alone it being the duly elected president of the United States. In any case, with countless millions of Americans openly declaring their president to be the Antichrist, from where it follows that his supporters in Congress (members of his political party) are all demons, it is easy to see why the elderly and poor voted for politicians who promised to do them harm.

In ancient times and later it was kings and queens versus servants, in medieval times it was feudal lords versus fiefs, in Russia it was landlords versus serfs, in American it was slave owners versus slaves, and in contemporary times it is known as rich versus poor. Thousands of years of human history have gone by but there has been no fundamental change in human inclinations to dominate and control other humans. Only contact with aliens might alter those inclinations.

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Morten St. George is the author of diverse articles in the Tiwanaku Alien series and the creator of a website about Ancient Astronauts.