The holiday season is upon us and along with it comes season’s greetings, good wishes and the ever-present holiday cheer consisting of plenty of food and drink. It’s hard not to indulge ourselves in all the snacks, large meals and rich desserts we’re continually offered during this festive time, but the consequences of overindulging can leave us feeling not so festive.

Two of the most common physical side effects of overeating are indigestion and heartburn. Our body works hard to digest the food and drink we consume, and the foods we choose to eat can make all the difference in how our digestive system deals with it. Processed, refined and dead foods are ever present throughout the year in the typical North American diet and even more so during festive occasions. Because we’re going to consume foods that may not be all that good for us during the holidays, including digestive enzymes in our diet can help our body to do its job.

AIM PrepZymes® is specially formulated for high-sugar, high-fat diets and is an exceptional digestive supplement containing 8 cultured enzymes—protease I and II, alpha/beta amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, maltase and invertase. This unique combination of enzymes has been specifically formulated to help digest a wide range of processed foods including fats, proteins, hidden sugars, diary products and snack foods. AIM PrepZymes® also contains alpine wild garlic and papaya fruit powder which also aid in digestion and provide additional antioxidant benefits.

Large meals, rich desserts and snacks are all part of the holiday menu, so it makes good sense to help our body break down the foods we eat and maintain our digestive health. After all, it ‘tis the season!

For more information about AIM PrepZymes® please visit My AIM Store website at where you can read more, download a datasheet and watch a video. As with any supplement it is always recommended to read the literature thoroughly to find out if this product is right for you, and consult your health care practitioner if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

AIM PrepZymes® are best taken immediately before or during meals so they can begin to break down the food before the pancreas becomes overworked by having to secrete more enzymes than necessary. You may take AIM PrepZymes® with other AIM products, however, AIM PrepZymes® will break down the healthy probiotic bacteria in AIM FloraFood®, so it is recommended to take these two products separately with different meals. It is also recommended that those with gastritis or gastric or duodenal ulcers should not use AIM PrepZymes® as it may result in irritation.

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