It's been a challenging year. How are you heading into 2010? Are You Ready For Your Life Now?
Many of us are overwhelmed by our stuff, schedules & having to deal with change.
I help clients set decision making criteria in 3 areas:
What to let in?
Where will it go (space & schedule)?
How do you know when you are done with it (& what's it's exit strategy)?
If you can get a handle on these, organizing and time management becomes much easier long term. Let's talk lists for success -

Winter Prep for Colder Areas:
Check tires & rotate, change as needed
Get ice scraper & emergency kit in car
Turn off water & Get hoses drained and in
Bring in lawn chemicals so they don't freeze & break
Check the antifreeze in the car
Add stabilizers to any yard equipment gas tanks
Blow out sprinkling systems
Hire snow service now
Service Furnaces now
Clean the eves on the house now that the leaves are down
Change out all storm doors & windows
Great time to go thru closets and purge ill fitting & outdated clothes

Figure out what is important now and set priorities and goals and spending budgets.
Share the work load - don't be afraid to ask for help
Have family & friends bring food & beverages - plan ahead
- set times for festivities (if Uncle Bob is always late give him an earlier start time)
- Get your food & delegation lists to everyone
- Get your service ware out, prepped and laid out early
- If purchases and gifts are to be returned, keep recipes in the bag & schedule
- Keep gift giving simple and meaningful
o Services - spa, lessons, memberships, snow plowing, spring cleanup, baby sitting
o Ask what they want – don't gift gifts that end up in the donation box
o Gift certificates - They get exactly what they want!

End of year:
- Medical flex spending accounts - use them up!
- Donations early in the year and use It's Deductible free software
- Eliminate & let go of unnecessary possessions, meaningless relationships and obligations. Be proactive – 'Right size' your life & home
- Meet with tax advisor for year end prep & tax strategy
- Get receipts in order
- Set up new files for 2010

New Year:
- Set goals to keep year simplified and on track. Keep them realistic
- Prioritize, plan & schedule steps
- Get accountability partners
- Set goals in finance, physical care, career, self improvement, family and community.
- Check in & assess how you did on last year's goals - make course corrections as needed – do you need a coach to help you get set for success?
- Incorporate simple, effective systems into your life to help you process what must be done regularly so you can have a balanced and fulfilling future.

Author's Bio: 

Certified Professional Organizer and Time Management Coach for Office, Home and Life. Coach, speaker and hands on consultant. Mary Dykstra helps corporate, residential and entrepreneurial clients get organized. Mary is focused on creating appropriate strategies surrounding office & residential organizing, time management, planning, home based businesses and setting up sustainable systems for her clients. Mary is passionate about helping clients regain control of their minds, lives and environments - long term. Moreover, Mary has extensive experience in working with people with ADHD. Mary speaks and consults nationally as a time, life & office management expert. Find out more at Specialties: Speaking, consulting and hands-on corporate, residential and entrepreneurial organizing plus time management training. Works nationally.