Driving at night requires skills and expertise. And if you are a beginner or an intermediate learner, you need to be extra careful. 

To stay safe behind the wheels when it’s dark, you will need to follow a few simple things which your instructor might have already taught you. And if he hasn’t already, he will, on time.

Night driving requires practice and patience and to master it, you will need to join a driving school. If you are based in Malvern, Burwood East, or Carlton, talk to a few local schools that can assist you with night driving.

So, now let us see what you need to follow when you are driving at night.

  • Don’t drive if you are fatigued

Among the accidents that occur at night, most are caused due to drowsy driving. So, if you are feeling drowsy, or lethargic, try not to drive at night. 

Recent studies have shown that people start to feel drowsy after midnight and hence this is the time when you need to be extra careful. Moreover, at this particular time, you need to scan the areas around your car as well because there might be other drowsy drivers around who are on the verge of losing control of their vehicle. So, instructors from the reputed driving school in Carlton suggest having some caffeine that will help you to stay awake. Else, you can also park your car at a safe spot and get some rest before getting back to the road again. 

  • Cleaning your windshields and mirrors are a must

If you are planning to drive at night, do a cleaning of your windshield and mirrors because dirt and dust can decrease your visibility by scattering light. When there is too much glare, you will have problems in getting a clear view of what’s in your front or back and this might cause accidents. 

Apart from the windshield and the mirrors, you should also clean your headlights as too much dust on their surface can be problematic for the drivers coming from the opposite direction.

  • Driving at a slower speed

Whenever you are taking driving lessons in Malvern, the instructor will always suggest that you drive slowly at night and when there are traffic congestions. You should always follow this suggestion because though it is age-old advice, it still works.

However, if other drivers are trying to overtake you, giving them space is the best thing to do as it will help you to avoid collisions or other types of accidents.

  • Controlling the headlight beams

A common suggestion is to use the high beams if you are driving through a very dark area and there are no street lights. But you need to be careful when using the high beams because they can be partially blinding to the drivers arriving from the opposite direction. So, if you are using high beams, dim them when the car on the opposite side has come very near.

Night driving is a large topic and there are plenty of things to cover. So, the instructors are adding new things in the driving lessons in Burwood East to help the new and intermediate drivers to stay safe on the road.

Author Bio: The author is an instructor who provides driving lessons in Malvern and Burwood East that cover the topic of night driving in detail.  

Author's Bio: 

The author is an instructor who provides driving lessons in Malvern and Burwood East that cover the topic of night driving in detail.