When a toddler grabs his first finger food or table food, it’s a transition time for him from semi-sold to solid foods. A whole new world opens up for both the child and parents. At this stage, it is important for parents to figure out, which food is healthy and safe for their kid? Also, which all foods can provide optimal and required nutrition to him that is essential for child in growing years?

Starting on solid foods can be an exciting for you and for your kid but in order to make sure transition is smooth; can consult your pediatrician and consult about variety of foods that can be introduced to the kid. The pediatrician can help you chart out healthy food options and address food allergies if there are any and how you can avoid them?

How to know when your toddler is ready?

Look out for signals like- toddler refusing jarred or pureed food or if he shows great likeness for some solid foods. You need to start slowly with small bites, and consider mixing in a little water or milk first. Quick transition and food’s texture may cause gag or choke. Avoid feeding large of cut fruits or vegetables, also hard foodstuffs like popcorn and nuts; sticky and soft foods, such as marshmallows that may get stuck in throat. Remember to cut things up small, or smash them, to reduce the risk of choking. Make sure child is seated during meal time to avoid possible choking. Also keep a glass of water handy.

What all foods you need to introduce?

Don't restrict your child to one type of food, different food may offer varied nutrition. Introduce your baby to vary of fresh fruits and vegetables. Provide Cooked or steamed vegetables or introduce small quantities of pureed vegetables and fruits. Try out peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots, mash them or cut them in small pieces. Feed soft fresh fruits, such as bananas. You can try dairy and grains as well.

Remember to always remove seeds and pips from fruits before feeding to the child. Peel and trim vegetables if necessary. Some babies may be very fussy eaters, don’t give up try again at another time. Watch out for signs of a reaction or allergy, as you began feeding solid food to your child. Avoid offering strawberries till your toddler is two year old as some babies may develop reaction to strawberries.

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