Cleaning a room can be a daunting task. It demands you to get down on your knees and take the dirty job of clearing the clutter, managing the furniture, cleaning the dirt and keep everything in its right place.

This can be tiring, overwhelming, time taking and more and this is the reason we prefer avoiding cleaning chores very often. But, what if we tell you some tricks to keep yourself motivated for cleaning your room. Well, this sounds fun already. So, here are a few tricks to keep yourself motivated to clean your room:

Start the cleaning process in the Morning

Whatever activity scares you the most, do it at the beginning of your day and you will be able to finish it quick. To the more, the whole day you will feel like great to have had accomplished your goal.

Prepare a schedule and follow it strictly.

When you plan up your things, they are always done in a right manner. Plan an hour every week that you will devote to cleaning. Make a list of things you want to clean. By this manner- breaking job into small tasks and fitting it into your schedule- you will easily do your cleaning job.

Be ready for the required equipment

Prepare all the things you require for cleaning such as water spray bottle, products, cleaning cloth etc. Once you have done all the preparation than it will be easy for you to start and finish.

Have a set routine

The best way to make the value of your time is having a fixed routine. Make a list of cleaning tasks and prepare yourself for all the required material. For being more quick and efficient, do research beforehand about the techniques you will require to enforce while cleaning. This will help you to stay tension free.

Give it a start

When we don’t initiate work for a long time, we feel lost about where to begin. Most of the jobs sit idle because we fear to initiate and end up avoiding them or piling them to become a daunting task. So give it a start and then you will reach your desired goal definitely. It should actually get into your headspace and then your work will be done. It’s just that you need to start first and then let the things happen.

Stay away from distractions

There are a number of distractions which will disturb your mind. For example, your phone is the biggest interruption which will not help you to focus. To avoid all these distractions stay away from mobile, television etc.

Listen to your favorite music

Cleaning can be a tough job. To make it entertaining, prepare a list of your favorite tracks and play it on your system while cleaning. This way you can enjoy music and do your chore.

Don’t focus on being perfect

It is very important to do the tasks in a right manner but doesn't spend too much time on a single task. You already have limited time and spending it all in one activity won’t be wise. For example, if you aren’t able to remove a carpet stain, don’t spend 20-30 minutes on it. If you will do that you will start feeling bored. In fact just do it little and do other tasks such as setting your bed, wardrobe etc.

Have a Helper along

When you will have someone to help you, work will be done quickly and you can accomplish more work at the same time.

Reward Yourself

Once you have completed the work, it’s time to reward yourself. You can go for a lunch to your favorite restaurant or watch a movie which will entertain you and help you feel relaxed. This will be the best part as if next week you won't feel like doing the cleaning task; the memory of the reward will keep you motivated.

Keep in mind that you are cleaning yourself

People often complain that after cleaning nobody appreciates them, so they don’t like this task. You should keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself. Take for an instance when somebody enters your room and the whole room is dirty, you will be like ‘I am sorry the whole room is a mess’. Rather than feeling bad about it, keep it clean so that if anybody comes you don’t need to feel sorry.

The clean room will help you feel at peace and even you can easily find all your things. Cleaning your room helps you in many ways; it brings positivity in your life, helps you maximize space in the room, cut short your trouble of finding things and more.

Having a clean home is the key to practicing a happy life. Do not wait for more, gear up fast and make your room spic and span.

Author's Bio: 

Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.