Split system units are ideal for cooling one room and for that reason they are relatively easy and inexpensive to install in case you are not sure about the difference between Ducted air conditioning Sydney and the split ones.

Through a series of concealed ducts which are also installed in the roof, ducted systems on the other hand have an internal fan coil unit which is installed. What visible are the vents only. You have a thermostat that allows you to adjust the individual temperature for each room with a ducted system.

Today we are focusing on what we need to do to have them functioning efficiently and economically as possible over the summer for the ducted system which is installed.

General Maintenance Guidelines

Many of the problems that can occur often occur out of the sight as ducted systems are mostly concealed. This is the reason why the maintenance checks are so important.
Condensation is one of the issues.

There are lines which are specifically for the drainage of the condensation. “Safety condensation tray” is what it is.

Especially in high humidity, as some dripping is to be expected and be on the lookout for excessive dripping and as has already been mentioned and the best manner is to have regular checks on the units.

You should also make sure that your filters are kept clean while you are having a maintenance check. At the beginning of each season that should be done.

Trim the trees or anything else that might be proximity to the unit and could potentially interrupt its function if your central unit is positioned outside your home.

Appropriate thermostats and temperature

As the case might be, ducted aircon Sydney might take some time to cool and heat. They may take their time to cool properly s they are operating from a confined space and if the temperature is particularly hot outside.

On your ducted system avoid placing unrealistic expectations. If you set the temperature which is too low and it is going to have to work that much harder and it will require being on for a lot longer which is neither economical nor efficient, for example.

Between 22 and 25 degrees is the best temperature for air conditioning in summer. A more realistic cooling set point is temperature closer to 25.

Do not immediately turn it back on again if you turn your system off. You could probably blow a fuse or damage the compressor and you could be facing a large aircon repair bill so give it a few minutes before turning it on.


When you are at home in a normal circumstances if you want to run your ducted system as economically as possible you should set it to operate on a climate setting with a low of 25 degrees.

The system is at a comfortable level that is not placing due demands on your system and licking it before the temperature becomes oppressive is what it means basically. It will only come on when the high setting is reached as you can keep it on standby for the rest of the time.

Before you get home can lead to hours of wasted energy for programming a thermostat to kick in and operate at your desired temperature an hour.

When you are out forget the low temperature setting. Do what you can be other means to keep the temperature down and then you could save plenty of money if you leave it to only come on at 29 degrees.

As you do not always realize what is more monetary beneficial for you and this really seem so. It is also about knowing your aircon unit and it efficient performance even after you spend so much money on the repairing job. You can decide when exactly you need to go for a replacement if you follow up the signs correctly however.

To consider resolving this dilemma once and for all, you need to call in the installers and repairing experts accordingly and there are even some factors which needs to be considered carefully before choosing to repair and maintain your ducted aircon unit.

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