4.5 billion monthly viewers is an extraordinary amount of traffic! But few Internet marketers know how to tap into this market because it is so new. It's so new that few professional Internet marketers have ever taken a college class with social media and video sharing as the curriculum. The who social media platform is still evolving and growing like gang busters there is not telling how large this market will grow. The only thing that is not changing is the fact the website traffic that is generated from social sharing sites such as twitter and YouTube is huge and is here to stay. No wonder every Internet marketer with any savvy is trying to tap into this buy Instagram followers market! But with any media there tips and techniques that you need to adhere to be successful. our article today will focus on defining social media is, and what is not.

In traditional mass marketing you focus on the product, price, place and promotion. And not so much as the who, what, when, where, and why that is more traditional to what journalists focus on. In a old school mass media campaign you focus on the masses and not so much the "who" It is assumed that everyone is a potential customer. This old school mass marketing philosophy does not work when you are looking to promote any product within the social sharing platform.

At social medias sites such as twitter and YouTube it very important that you focus on the "who" first, and the who within social media circles would be what is called the opinion leaders" Finding the opinion leaders of sites like YouTube and other social media video sharing sites is where you need to start when developing a social media marketing strategy. An opinion leader at say YouTube the leading video sharing site in the world, may be defined as very unique individuals who have the technical expertise and have the following of a large or small number of people in there particular social media channel or niche that can be informally influenced by their recommendations. You need to identify these people and learn how to engage them if you ever want to be successful at tapping into the massive amount of social media traffic.

There are tell tale ways to identify both video sharing site and social sharing opinion leaders or opinion leaders at other social sharing sites such as twitter. And if you dig hard enough and you are willing to devote some time you can engage with these people and possibly get some major promotional traffic to your website, or to your online video.

well that concludes our article today about social media sharing sites, I sincerely hope you are successful with your online marketing efforts, Have a nice day!

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