You can start your own business as a wholesale products supplier and reap high profits while remaining your own boss. Many people have discovered the hidden potentials of wholesale business while others are on their way to find it out. When in practical field you will definitely run into the hands of middleman who try to steal your hard earned money. So as an amateur businessman you have to take care of several things and beware of the fake product suppliers spread all over the internet.

A simple keyword search for suppliers will yield thousands of wholesale suppliers and many of them will turn out to be non-genuine ones. There are several techniques and tips that can protect you from them. First of all, such suppliers will promise to provide you with the lowest ever rates for the highest quality products and will claim to be the best from every aspects. Always remember that if the supplier gives you unbelievable rates and deals then he is a fraud. If the wholesalers asks you to give ‘processing fee’ then again he is a cheat, as legitimate dealers never ask for ‘processing fees’. On other hand, also remain cautious about the middle men who claim to be suppliers and swear to offer the best quality on lower rates.

There are other ways which will help you stay safe from these fake suppliers and distributors. If you have doubts on the credibility of a certain supplier browse his website and check the ‘contact us’ option. His company’s full name, his own name, mailing address and the contact number, would reflect that he is a representative of some genuine company.

If you still have doubts, check whether his postal address is valid or not? Inquire about his company’s registration number and call on the mentioned contact number. The answering person should instantly give you the company’s name; if not then there are chances that the supplier is fake. Besides, the legitimate suppliers always mention their landline number.

Remember that the legitimate suppliers will also ask your business name, tax number and social security number, otherwise he is more likely to be a middleman. To further check the authenticity of supplier you can ask him to provide you with a free sample product, legitimate supplier will happily give you access to the sample product while the fake one wouldn’t be able to do so. It has also been experienced that if you ask too many questions, the fake ones stop answering while genuine suppliers doesn’t. To remain on safer side always use secure payment methods like PayPal, Escrow etc. If you apply the above listed tips and certain a supplier doesn’t fit on the criteria, you should look for another supplier.

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