Being in a relationship can be a good time and make you happy. And breakups are always hard. The feelings, confusion and pain that you feel are hard to manage. People going through a breakup may feel different things as their minds and bodies try to cope with it. It is a stressful event as what you dreamt and believed in has broken. You may feel lonely in a breakup and may find it hard or even impossible to love again. However, with time, people heal and move on. Once you have healed, you will be able to start a new love life after a breakup. Here are some tips to do this.

Be positive

It is important to have a positive mindset in difficult times. When you have been through a breakup, it is fair if you don’t want to give love another go. Having to start with a new prospect may not be very appealing right now. But if you want to get success in dating, do try to be positive. Keep a positive mindset as you get back into the dating pool. This mindset will set your behavior and a positive behavior will make you feel good and help you find love faster.

Let go

When you have broken up, you need to let go of your ex. It may be difficult to stop thinking about them, but you need to try. Don’t think of them, the time you had together or keep talking about them. Who knows, you may meet a new love match and yet you end up talking about your ex. Avoid doing this as this is going to reduce your chances of finding a love match. You will need to let go of your ex from your mind as well, because if you keep thinking of them, you will not focus on the person in front of you.


It is necessary to heal when you are looking to get over a breakup. Healing is an aspect that many don’t focus on. It is important to give time to your heart and mind to recover. If you don’t do this then the relationship you get into could be a rebound which is a painful experience at its end. It is also necessary to heal to manage the ups and downs that can be a part of dating. There could be rejections and not so pleasant scenarios that can be handled if you are mentally good.

Never compare

Now if you are ready to plunge into the pool of dating and have signed up on that free online dating site, remember one thing – don’t compare with your ex. This piece of advice is something that you continually need to remind yourself of. It is very natural to compare your future potential boyfriend or girlfriend to your ex. It is natural for our brains to make comparisons. But if you find yourself going down that path, stop! It is never going to be healthy or good for you to do so.

Find other focus

If you have gone through a breakup and finally want to get over it, it will be hard but not impossible. So, do yourself a favor and focus on yourself Try new things if that was something you liked. If you fancied yourself to be a painter, that art class or join that art group that you didn’t have time for earlier. Finding a new love is only easier if you love yourself enough. And the only way to do that is to focus on yourself too.

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