Tigers are on the edge of getting extinct. Folks all across the world are concerned about the issue. All the governments have taken the issue seriously and initiatives have been taken. It is our turn now, as common masses, to step forward to contribute to save the lives of these wild cats. Below are some pointers that may help to make a significant difference in the overall enterprise of saving tigers.

To create awareness is step one that you can take to save the wild moggy. Creating awareness is step one whenever you are out to do something for the society. Make posters, flyers, banners. Chat about the subject on the social platforms like social marketing websites and suchlike. You might also organise tiger theme parties and thus create awareness in a fun way. The more you involve folk during the procedure the more and more folks would know about it. Whether you need to fight for equal rights for the disabled or save tigers, making awareness among the masses is step one to any revolution. Therefore let the folks know.

Second step you can take to save tigers is to stop poaching. Though the governing body has banned the sale of items that have anything to do with tiger skin or body parts, the misconduct is still in use. You have to be on your toes and any time you see somebody hunting a tiger, you must right away report to the local police. Do not buy tiger skin or products made from it.

The depleting forests are one more reason why tigers are coming to an end. The species is continuously losing its natural habitat and therefore getting extinct. Hence you must do whatever's necessary to guard forests. Of course, you can't plant an entire forest in your life, but you can contribute by planting more trees. You could also build up awareness about it in the masses using the assorted mediums and prompt folk to plant trees.

You could also organise an eco tour and do a lot to save tigers through it. Plan an eco tour concentrating on tigers. You might educate the people about the pathetic condition of tigers and also stress on why they need to be saved. While an eco tour could do a lot to create awareness, it is also successful in taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the town. However if you're actually looking for some relaxation, a visit to the holy city of Wichitas is a smart idea.

It is a fact that we don't have adequate resources, as the government does. But, that shouldn't keep us from doing our bit to save this lovely animal. So, get up and take a step today so that an initiative is born and folk may replicate from there on.

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