* Excessive hair growth may be the result of hormonal imbalance. You should consult a doctor first if you have controllable growth of hair.
* Turmeric is a best remedy for excessive hair growth. You can grind turmeric and apply to the body parts where you have more hair growth.
* Mixing curd with turmeric extracts can also be applies on to your skin to remove the hairs.
* Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. You can mix lemon juice with honey and apply to your body where you have excessive hairs.
* Applying egg yolk on to your skin will help to reduce the skin problems and you can massage with cold water when it starts drying to remove the hairs.
* There are many hair removal creams available in the market. You can use them after confirming the quality of them. Poor quality products can damage your skin and cause allergies.
* Use mild soaps and creams on your body. Harsh chemicals can spoil your skin and result in excessive hair growth.
* Laser treatment can be performed to permanently remove the hair. This may be a costly method. You should perform this with the help of an experienced technician only.
* Waxing your hair is also a method to remove the unwanted hair in your body.
* A combination of lemon juice, olive juice and egg white can be mixed and applied to the parts where you have excessive growth of hairs. Keep this on your skin for ten minutes after than you should wash it with cold water. This can be performed at least twice a week.
* Almond oil is also the best for your skin. Almond oil and honey can be mixed to remove the hairs in your skin.
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