The simple way of defining these is that power wash uses hot water, whereas pressure washing uses normal water to tidy up surfaces. People use mostly power washing for exteriors with stains like paint, grease, and so on. Hot water cleans better, and you cannot use a hot power wash on all surfaces. Keeping these two points and narrowing them down will help you pick the proper technique for your house cleaning.

Choosing between power and pressure:

So, the idea of hot water cleans better sounds great and makes people go for a power wash, but it is not the ideal choice for the entire house. This mainly because hot water can be rough on surfaces like concrete and sandstones, so use power washing for more prominent places with tough stains. Areas with extreme untidiness like moulds or grease need Pressure Cleaning in Cromer hot water services to clean up.

Requisites of pressure and power washing:

1. Where should you use power washing?

One thing is clear that hot power washing isn’t something that goes for cleaning the entire house. You can use them in areas where water pressure cannot get rid of the dirt, especially in places covered with greases, old paint, mould and weed buildup, etc. The best part about this is the effective eradication of these buildups, which ensures their delayed return. Power washing is for hard heavy-duty surfaces, without a doubt. 

2. Suitable places for pressure washing:

 This type is like the household cleaning that we do. Pressure washing is to clean small areas that do not involve soft metals because they can cause dents. The High Pressure Cleaning in Killarney Heights is effective in the regions that require a minimum but the adequate level of cleaning. It works well on surfaces that are small, woody, and has concrete or brick walls. Use this to clean patio furniture or small spaces.

Other requirements:

Water is to be mixed with specific chemicals to clean out surfaces irrespective of power or pressure wash. These chemicals have cleaners and sanitisers to clean and kill the microorganisms in the dirt. Assess the quality of the chemicals and mix them in the right proportions for Pressure Cleaning in Elanora Heights. Buying the wrong chemical and using those on the wrong surfaces might have repercussions.

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Prep it up–Your house needs beforehand preparation before you hand it down to a professional or if you do it yourself. Secure anything likely to destroy or break when introduced with heat or pressure.
  • Safety first- Wear all the safety suits, goggles to protect you from the heat and pressure. The pressure from the hose can be hard on the skin, so it is always wise to step ahead.
  • Stay away from the wires–Washing with pressure near wires or electrical extensions is not a good idea. It has high risks and might cost the life of the cleaner. So never aim the hose at anything that involves electricity.
  • Learn to identity–You have to stay away from asphalt roofs, paintings, sandstones, and old furniture. Power or pressure washing the above things can destroy them.


The trick is to learn everything and then put them into action. Professional cleaners must be able to help you out with the process. If you want to do it alone, you should know everything from the size of the nozzle to the pressure of the hose. After all, home is where the heart is!!


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