A lockout issue can occur to anyone and anywhere, whether in the home, office, or on the road. This situation not only throws off your routine and put you behind schedule, but it can also be unsafe, particularly at night or in times of inclement weather. The reasons for a lockout are several, most notable is your carelessness, getting your keys stuck in the broken lock, or other reasons beyond control. 

Whatever the reason, it is never a bad idea to have the mobile number of a reliable locksmith Birmingham on your phone every time just like Birmingham Locksmith Pro. 

To make sure you never have to face the frustration of a lockout, here are some tips that will keep you in charge and avoid the lockout situation. 

Train yourself to check the keys before leaving

A double-check is an easy way to prevent lockouts. However, it is a thing that is overlooked by people when they leave their home, office, or car. You should try to inculcate and continue to double-check to make it a habit and routine. According to experts, it takes a minimum of three weeks to train yourself for a new habit. So, for the next three weeks make a conscious effort to check your keys each time you leave your home, office, or get down from the car anywhere. Also, an easy way to achieve this is by using visual and virtual reminders. Set a reminder on your phone to check for the keys just 5 minutes before you leave. 

Have Spare Keys

It is advised to always have spare keys made of your home, office and even the car. It is never a cost-effective or safe practice to have only one key. There are too many opportunities for something to happen to it like getting lost, broken, or misplacing it. So, make spare keys and give one to a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. You can even have one always in your purse. This helps you avoid the frustrating lockout issue and even save a few bucks as you do not end up calling a locksmith. 

Make Lock Maintenance a Priority

Locks are the most used elements and they wear down with time. So, it is important to have your locks regularly inspected by a professional locksmith Birmingham to make sure everything works as it should be. Dirt, grime, and oils build up on locks, so it is a good practice to wipe them down with soap water and dry it with a soft cloth to avoid issues like stuck or broken keys. Although it is less frequent to get locked out due to unexpected breaking of lock, it is due to small issues that turn into more significant problems, if not checked on time. It is always better to be proactive and have an experienced locksmith to help you on how to take good care of your locks. 

Upgrade to Smart Locks

A smart and cost-efficient way to avoid lockout issues is to change your locks to key less or smart locks. This eliminates the need for keys and you never have to worry about forgetting the keys on the other side of the door ever again. The most popular choice is keypad combination lock but the fingerprint lock or the locks that you can control with your mobile phone are growing in popularity. Work with a reliable and trustworthy locksmith in Birmingham to upgrade your locks at an affordable price.  

These are the preventative measures you can take to avoid the unpleasant feeling of getting locked out. However, if you ever find yourself in a lockout situation, there is no need to panic. Just call Birmingham Locksmith Pro by dialing (205) 722-0477 and within a few minutes, they will be at your service. 

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