One of the best memories you can get with your partner is to be out on the water while watching the sunset. Many romantic honeymoon packages offer a romantic cruise on the river or lake so the couple can spend time with each other while having a gorgeous view. You can plan for such a ride with your beloved, on the water with generous views. Here are a few tips to make that plan a reality.


The first thing to do is a lot of research on the trip you are planning. You will need to start from scratch to get an idea about the what, when and where. Do you plan to hire a boat and the catering separately or do you want to go for a package deal? There are boat ride or boat cruise providers who make special offers for couples. You can either choose them or go for hiring each service separately.

Pick a location

Pick a location for your ride before you do anything else. This location could mean a river cruise, ocean cruise or a boat ride on a lake. Depending on the location, you can choose other things that will make up your romantic ride. The setting will be more intimate as it won’t be like a buzzing restaurant where you wait for your meal to be served.

Choose your boat

Choose the right boat that you want to go on. Oceanic rides often involve catamarans or a yacht and the waves are different. A river may involve a sleeker vessel. The space you need and service you desire must be kept in mind too. Make sure that depending on the type of vessel it is equipped with proper equipment such as a pontoon boat ladder or lights. You can check for various pontoon boat ladders online here.

Services onboard

A place that sees a lot of tourists will offer packages for couples, like a sunset cruise and you could go on that. These packages may include a cruise around a certain area, bar, food and even a personal butler at times. All you need to do is relax with your love as you watch the sunset. But if you choose to customize and get the boat and service separately, then you will have to plan everything on your own. Right from choosing the caterer or if you want a personal butler on board and the boat that you are hiring. Make sure the vessel has all accessories for boat so that you feel safe.

Timing for the boat ride

Pick a timing for the boat ride when you want to go on the water. It could be an early morning ride with kisses and sunrise, a sunset ride with high tea or a dinner cruise on the water near a city. Each of these are beautiful and bring their own charm to the setting. But you will need to decide which timing suits you best. If you aren’t early risers then a morning cruise will just put a damper on your time together. A dinner cruise is most preferred by couples as they cruise in the moonlight and watch the city lights from their boat, creating their special moment.

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